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No. 326.

(A. R. No. 807 of 1917.)

Bayanaguntapalli, Hamlet of Kondapuram, Hindupur Taluk, Anantapur District. On a rock near the Madhavarayasvamin temple.

Venkatapati II, 1638 A.D.

This is dated Saka 1560, Bahudhanya, corresponding to 1683 A.D.

The record is damaged. It registers a grant of the villages Adimsettipalle and Bayanagunta included in Mallela-sthala, which together with Vonavolu formed the agrahara called Kamalajapuram in Penukonda-rajya, to Appaya, son of China-Nagappa and grandson of Mallela Bhaskara Achyutayya of the Bharadvaja-gotra, Asvalayana-sutra and Rik-sakha, by Mahanayankacharya Narasimha-nayudu, son of Narappa-nayudu and grandson of Mallappa-nayudu of Rakallu for worship and offerings to god Venkatesvara.

No. 327.

(A. R. No. 361 of 1920.)

Medimakulapalle, Gooty Taluk, Anantapur District.

On a slab near the Anjaneya shrine..

Venkatapati II, 1640 A.D.

This is dated Saka 1562, Vikrama, Bhadrapada ba. 12, corresponding to 1640 A.D., September 2.

It records a gift of 1 tumu of dry land in Medimakulapalle included in Jagatapiguttidurga-sima to god Hanumantaraya by Mahamandalesvara Timarajudeva-maharaju, son of Venkatapatiraju. The donor is stated to have held Jagatapi-gutti durgam-sima as nayankara from the king.

No. 328.

(A. R. No. 502 of 1919.)

Little Kanchipuram, Kanchipuram Taluk, Chingleput District.

On the west verandah round the rock of Arulalaperumal temple.

Venkatapati II, 1642 A.D.

This is dated Saka 1564, Chitrabhanu, Vaisakha ba. 30, corresponding to 1648 A.D., May 18, (Wednesday).

It records the gift of the village Musuli as tiruvilaiyattam by Tammappa-nayadu, son of Pavada China-Krishnappa-nayadu and grandson of Tammi-nayadu for conducting the Rohini-mahotsavam every month to god Varadaraja.

No. 329.

(A. R. No. 167 of 1921.)

Mahadevamalai, Gudiyattam Taluk, North Arcot District.

On the south and west walls of the central shrine in the Mahadevasvamin temple.

Venkatapati, (date lost).

The record is broken and a few lines in the beginning are lost.

It registers the gift of the village Kavamguppa in Ka[vanu]ri-sima by Mahanayankacharya Bodi Kondama-nayaka, son of Nala Kondama-nayaka and grandson of Vira Nagi-nayaka, to god Mahadeva of the Mahadevunikonda (Mahadevamalai).

No. 330.

(A. R. No. 691 of 1917.)

Kovelakuntla, Koilkuntla Taluk, Kurnool District.

On a slab set up in the Ganesa temple. Sriranga II, 1643 A.D.

This is dated Saka 1565 (current), Chitrabhanu, Magha ba. 30 corresponding to 1643 A.D., February 8, (Wednesday).

It states that Hande Siddha Ramappa-nayaka, son of Immadi Demappa-nayaka and grandson of Demappa-nayaka issued an order to the farmers of his nayankara territory of Kovilakuntla-sima declaring that the mortgages of the manya lands of the gods and the Brahmanas in the territory should restore back free of all charges and together with the documents, their lands to the mortgagers after twelve years and that those who disobeyed this order were liable to be fined.

No. 331.

(A. R. No. 6 of 1928.)

Koduru, Nellore Taluk, Nellore District.

On a stone set up in a street. Sriranga III, 1645 A.D.

This is dated Saka 1567, Parthiva, Chaitra su. . . . corresponding to 1645, A.D., March.

It registers the settlement of the fees (meras) due from the village Koduru in Sariyepalli-sima for the upkeep of tanks by Ravela-Venkatadri who is said to have obtained the village as amaram from Ravela Muddukrishnappa-nayaka who held Sariyepalli-sima as nayankara from the king.

No. 332.

(A. R. No. 80 of 1912.)

Kodigepalle, Hindupur Taluk, Anantapur District.

On a slab built into the wall of the ruined mandapa near the Anjaneya temple.

Sriranga III, 1645 A.D.

This is dated Saka 1567, Parthiva, Asvija su. 4, corresponding to 1645 A.D., September 14.

The inscription records that Obalaraya Koneti-nayaningaru, son of Kasturi-nayanigaru repaired the shrine and consecrated the deity in the temple of Pala-Venkatesvara in Dinnamidi-Kodigepalle alias Palavenkatapuram in Guyyulurunadu included in Penugonda-durga with the consent of Peda-Venkatapatiraya who seems to have made some provisions (details lost) for offerings and worship in the temple.

No. 333.

(A. R. No. 18 of 1928.)

gangavaram, Kalyandrug Taluk, Anantapur District.

On a rock in a cotton field near the Lingayat matha.

Venkatapati II, 1638 A.D.

This is dated Saka 1578, Durmukha, Vaisakha ba. 10 corresponding to 1656 A.D., May 9, (Friday).

It records a cowl (kavulu) granted to several individuals such as Appana-Devana, Hanumappa-nayudu, son of Marappa-nayudu Nama-reddi Nagi-reddi of Ayidukallu and Siddaya-Kaduraya of Pedakally by Dalvayi Bacheppa-nayaka, the agent of the king, in appreciation of their having settled the farmers in the village Gangavaram which had become de-populated and, as a result gone fallow. The new settlers including those who undertook to settle them were given certain privileges in various transactions and concessions in taxes.

No. 334.

(A. R. No. 629 of 1920.)

Amritaluru, Tenali Taluk, Guntur District.

On a stone set up in the street. Sriranga IV, 1576 A.D.

The record is dated in Dhata, Bhadra[pada] ba. 7. As the cyclic year Dhata falls only in the reign period of Sriranga IV, the date may be equated to 1756 A.D., September 15, (Wednesday).

It states that Nagappa-nayaka, the karyakarta of the king, gave an agreement to the merchants, weavers etc., of Srirangarayapeta of Amritaluru, remitting the taxes payable by them for three years from the date of the record on account of the plunder that the people suffered by the manyagamdlu (?).

No. 335.

(A. R. No. 308 of 1912.)

Kilapatla, Punganur Taluk, Chittoor District.

On the north wall of the central shrine in the Konetirayasvamin temple.

Sriranga, (Date lost)

The record is badly damaged. Neither the details of the date nor those of the gift can be made out.

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