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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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What is India, online since 1996, is an Internet-based Info-Base seeking to change how India-related policy is conceived, created, and implemented.  Its mission is to create a continuing body of constructive information on India, so that policy makers, academicians, researchers and investors can make informed decisions.

The site was founded by Aravind Sitaraman, Computer Scientist, when he was in the US.  In its earlier form, the Info-Base has assisted research on India in many countries.  Much of the work was being done by automated software, but What is India is now edited and published by a team based in Bangalore.

On What is India you will find: 
               I. Links to News Reports and Opinion pieces on India, classified according to subject.
               II. Perceptive, specialist analyses of such articles. 

What is India is now an online publication, but we soon plan to bring out printed newsletters.  Other plans include producing programs for television, publishing books, and funding India-related research. 

We welcome you to browse What is India, and to send us your thoughts on its content and presentation.

To assist in our goals and improve our service offering, please sign our Guestbook and provide us your candid feedback and suggestions.  Your comments are very valuable to us and will be take them seriously to improve our website.

Thanks again for visiting whatisindia.com .

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