Soumya Aravind Sitaraman's monumantal tome, is a must in every home. Practical, thorough and delightful, this two volume set applauded as a "thesis in social and cultural Anthropology" provides a setp-by-step guide for a happy festival celebration.

Hindu tradition has a whole year of festivals, vibrant, colorful and joyous--to celebrate them wonderfully, you must Follow the Hindu Moon.

We are all spiritual beings in temporal bodies. Finding this true nature of ours is life's journey. The Hindu way, Sanathana Dharma, makes this search joyful and celebratory. Come, let's discover the fun of festivals and the grandeur of Sanaatana Dharma. HinduMoon brings a unique range of wonderful resources that bring alive ancient Hindu traditions, festivals and practices for modern families through books, videos and e-books.

This pioneer how-to reference manual beautifully designed and lavishly photographed with stunning images by Usha Kris. This reference guide takes the reader on a beautiful celebratory journey of discovery of the customs, traditions, and festivals that mark a Hindu year.


This two volume, richly illustrated, cloth bound set has everything for perfect festival planning, preparation, prayer, and participation
Learn the basics of celebration from Akshata to Vastra. Learn why we ring the bell, how to offer a gift, and about different kinds of lamps All this and more in the Basics chapter.
What is Pooja? How does one pray?
What do the prayers mean?
What are the festival specific prayers?
Find your answers in the chapter Embracing the Almighty
Why do we celebrate?
What do these stories signify?
What relevance does this have in our lives today?
Read the stories that accompany each festival and share this heritage with your children.
Prepare the perfect Neivedhyam offerings for each festival.
Delicious Sheedias, perfect Rava laddoos, crisp thattais, crunchy kadubu, different sorts of flavored rice, payasams and more in the recipes section
Learn how to draw kolams/rangoli, thread flowers, make mango leaf festoons and more in the festoons and decorations section.
Festivals can be well planned. Organise yourself and plan your shopping with the checklists and tips provided in the Get organised chapter
All this and more in this two volume heritage set for just
Rs. 3500.

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Soumya Sitaraman is the author of the definitive work, Follow the Hindu Moon: a guide to the festivals of south India, published by Random House. The book is lauded as a “coffee table book, a how-to-manual, a guide, a dictionary, a minor encyclopedia, a thesis in social and cultural anthropology. It is a package of erudition and entertainment, of scholarship and reportage.”

She directs and creates digital video content on Hindu culture and tradition. She directs, produces, and anchors an ongoing television series based on her book called “Let’s Celebrate! Follow the Hindu Moon.” Around 65 episodes have already been aired on Sri Sankara TV.

She was commissioned to write a series of essays by the Hindu Temple at Kauaii for the prestigious Parliament of the Worlds' Religions in December 2009.

Soumya illustrated Chachaji’s Cup. Published by Children’s Book Press, the book won the Patterson Prize and rated Bank Street College’s Best Books of the Year in the Top Ten Children’s books for 2004. She was awarded the Skipping Stones Award and the Papertiger’s illustrator award. The book was produced as a musical on Broadway as “Tea With Chachaji.”

She has addressed Graduate students of International Marketing on “Ancient Value Systems at Crossroads” at the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM) at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore for four consecutive years.

She is celebrated by the City of Santa Clara for creating the first website on Contemporary women artists of South Asia.

She frequently addresses focused audiences on Indian tradition, culture, value systems, and heritage with an emphasis on relevance and connections to contemporary lifestyles in a modern world at venues like the NCPA, Mumbai, the TAG center, Chennai, etc.

She is the co-founder and Director of What is India Publishers. carries the only comprehensively digitized collection of Indian epigraphy.

Usha Kris is an award winning photographer whose work has been published in several books including “Follow the Hindu Moon: a guide to the festivals of south India” (Random House), “The Hindu Temple”, “Kerala” (Roli Books), and “Vaastu” (Roli Books) amongst other genres such as cookbooks, and dance.

She teaches Photography and Photo Journalism and has several exhibitions to her credit.

Many of the leading architectural and industrial houses in Chennai have used Usha’s photos in publications, design magazines, brochures and publicity material.

Usha's articles on culture and travel are published in several magazines.

Her work is exclusively featured in the Television program, "Let's Celebrate."