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No. 337

(A.R. No. 239 of 1931)

Kanchipuram, Conjeevaram Taluk, Chingleput District

On the platform in the cell adjoining the central shrine, Kailasanata temple

This fragmentary inscription.  It seems to register some endowment for the daily supply of ghee during the three services in the ‘big temple’ at Kanchchipedu by a certain Kaliyiragan,

No. 338

(A.R. No. 334 of 1904)

On the east wall of the rock-cut shrine, right of entrance, Melaikkoyil temple

This records a gift of 5 kalanju of gold made by Sadaiyan Kalacchi on behalf of Sadaiyan Na[m*]bi of Pambayur, probably her deceased husband, for feeding with the interest there on 15 Mahesvaras daily during the seven-day festival of Masi-Makham, in the temple Tirumerrali-Perumanadigal at Tirunalakkunram a devadana in Kunriyur-nadu.  This is very probably a record of Uttama-Chola. 

No. 339

(A.R. No. 463 of 1904)

Vedaranyam, Tirutturaipundi Taluk, Tajavur District

On a pillar in the mandapa in front of the Tyagaraja shrine.  Vedaranyesvara temple

This is damaged inscription recording an endowment of tax-free land after is purchase from the urar of Perumbulam near Kunrur two persons, Urasadamudaiyan Sobhanan and Tuvaraiyan Appi alias Sangramakesari-Pallavaraiyan of tirukkanappernad, to the god at Tirumaraikkadu a devadana in Umbala-nadu.  Tirukkanapperkurram is mentioned as a division in Pandi-nadu in an inscription of Rajaraja I and also occurs in the Bigger Sinnamanur Plaes of Pandya Rajasimha III.

No. 340

(A.R. No. 594 of 1904)

Srinivasanallur, Musiri Taluk, Tirucirappalli District

On the west wall of the Korangunathan temple


This records a gift of 10 kalanju of gold made up of 2 kalanju in cash and 4 buffaloes and he-calf valued at 8 kalanju by Sattri Ramani wife of Valakkurran Pidaran Kandan of Ilanagar in Kurnanaga-nadu on the southern bank of the river, for the daily supply in lieu of interest thereon, of an alakku of oil for burring a lamp from dawn to desk in the temple of Tirukkurakkutturaideva at Mahendramanalam a brahmadeya in Mala-nadu on the northern bank.

No. 341

(A.R. No. 280 of 1906)

Tirumalapuram, Walajapet Taluk, North Arcot District

On the south wall of the central shrine, Manikanthesvara temple

This is incomplete ad damaged in places.  It records and endowment made by (prince) Madhuranakan Ganadaradittan for the supply of 4 nali each of hone, ghee, milk, curd, seas, amum and pulses to be filled in 108 pots, and of other ingredients for the sacred bath of the god on every sankranti day of the months in the temple of Mahadeva at Tirumalperu in Damar-kottam.  This is an inscription of Uttama-Chola.

No. 342

(A.R. No. 194 of 1907)

Tiruvidaimarudur, Kumbhakonam Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Mahalaingasami temple

The details of the date correspond to A.D. 984, October 6 in the belonging to the temple of Tiruvidamarudaiyar by the assembly of Tiraimur, the devakanmi of the temple, the nagaratar of Tiruvidaimardil and Inganattup-Pallavarayar the trustee of he temple, to a certain Echchilkanda-Ravaan of Devangdi in Miraikurram on the northern bank of the river, for the purpose of raising money for some gold ornaments to the god.

No. 343

(A.R. No. 217 of 1907)

On the north and west walls of the same shrine

The inscription is highly damaged and is also unfinished.  It records some transaction between the temple authorities and certain residents of the village regarding a piece of land brought under citation by the latter.   The record is assignable to the reign of Uttama-Chola.

No. 344

(A.R. No. 221 of 1907)

On the north west and south walls of the same shrine

This inscriptions consists of a number of disconnected and mixed up pieces woes sequence cannot be made out on account of their damaged condition.  Probably they are parts of two (or even more) different inscriptions, one of which seems to record a gift of land after purchase to two persons by name Kodumudi Aranan alias Bahulavidangan and Murugadi Pattamudaiyan alias Ainurruva-Peruachchan and another who were to perform a (musical ?) play called Vaigaai-attam in the temple at Tirvidaimarudil.  Another piece seems to village have formed part of an inscription recording the foundation of a new called Aiyanadi to the west of Enadimangalam and the fixation of its boundaries by means of an elephant, before its grant free of all taxes to one Sembiyan Soliyavaraiyan and is descendants progeny in perpetuity.  Construction of terraced house for residence is referred to as special right.

Pieces are arranged in sections according to the broad sense of the inscription.

No. 345

(A.R. No. 225 of 1907)

On the west wall of the same shrine

This is highly damaged.  It mentions one  Sirringan-udaiyan Batta . . . . . person that figures in No. 346 below.

No. 346

(A.R. No. 228 of 1907)

On the west wall of the same shrine

This inscription states that during the srikaryam (administration) of Battan Kanan alias Inganattu-Pallavaraiyar of Sirringan, a golden crown was made for god Tiruvidaimarududaiya-Bhattaraka with 110¾ kalnju realized by the sale of area. nuts during the year (from the temple garden?).  This is probably assignable to Uttama-Chola.

No. 347

(A.R. No. 236 of 1907)

On the south wall of the same shrine

The inscription is damaged and incomplete.  It records a gift 62 owes for the daily supply of milk during the three services at 5 nali for each service, for the sacred bath of Mulasthanattu-Mahadeva at Tiruvidaimarudil by Mosi Orriyuran Kuttan alias Araiyan Kuttan.  The devakanmis, the Sabha of Tiraimur, the nagaratar of Tiruvidaimarudil and the trustee Sirringan-udaiyan (mentioned in No. 346 above) seem to have jointly accepted the gift.  This is also probably an inscription of Uttama-Chola.


No. 348

(A.R. No. 630 of 1907)

Konerirajapuram, Tajavur Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the south wall of the central shrine, Uma-Mahesvara temple

This registers an agreement given by five servants of the temple at Tirunallam a brahmadeya in Vennadu to provide specified offerings and worship to god Ganapati Bhatarar during the three services in the temple, out of an endowment of 7 ma of land made by a body called the Paramesvara-Perilamaiyar of the village.  This is probably a record of Uttama-Chola.

No. 349

(A.R. No. 684 of 1909)

Tirunedungulam, Lalgudi Taluk, Tiruchirapalli District

On the south wall of the Ganesa shrine, Nedungalanathasvami temple

This records an allotment of 12 kalam of paddy every year out of the produce from a field at Kalaraikurichchi, made Velvetti Govinda-Bhattan the srikaryam of the temple on behalf of Sembiyan Vadapuraiyaurnattu-Muvendavelar  a servant pf Uttamasola-Brahmadhiraja, for the daily performance of agnikarya (fire oblation) during the three services in the temple of Mahdeva at Tirunedungalam with gee sacred twig etc.  This has been surmised to be a record of Uttama-Chola.

No. 350

(A.R. No. 125 1911

Tiruvaramesvaram, Mannargudi Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the south wall of the mandapa in front of the central shrine, Ramanathesvara temple

This records an agreement given by five residents of Madanamanjari-chaturvedimangalam a brahmadeya village of Nenmali-nadu to maintain a perpetual lamp in the temple of Tiruviramisvaratu-Mahadeva for 24 kasu received by them from Tirumanunappitta a servant of the temple.  This is also probably a record of Uttama-Chola.

No. 351

(A.R. No. 407 1913

Attur, Attur Taluk, Salem District

On a slab set up in the Kayanirmalesvara temple

This registers a provision made for the daily supply of kuruni and nail of paddy for the tiruchchennadai service in the Vishnu temple of Tirumerrali-Nakkar at Malaiyaman-Arrur, a brahmadeya in Arur-kurram a subdivision of Miladu, by Ninnavaduturaiyan and two other persons who are stated to be the collectors of tolls in Miladu, Vanagappadi and Oram (?) divisions.


No. 352

(A.R. No. 617 1920

Udaiyarkudi near Kattumannarkoyil, Chidambaram Taluk, South Arcot District

On the north wall of the mandpa in front of the central shrine, Anantisvara temple

This registers an endowment of half a veli and one ma of land to the temple of Tirumullur-udaiya-Paramesvara at Mullur alias Simhavishnu-chaturvedimangalam a brahmadeya  in Kanadu on the northern bank, as sribalippuram for the maintenance a member of the Karikalasola-terinja-Kaikkola (regiment). The land is stated to have been situated between this village and Viranarayana-chaturvedimangalam to its east, and to have been purchased from the Sabha of Mullur, who agreed to pay the taxes thereon with the interest on 60 kasu received by tem for the purpose, ad also to get it irrigated from the local tank.  The regiment was evidently called after Aditya Karikala.  The inscription is assignable to Uttama-Chola.

No. 353

(A.R. No. 74f 1923

Parandur, Kanchipuram Taluk, Chingleput District

On the north tier of the Vinayaka shrine, in the ruined Siva temple

This is much damaged, and seems to record a transaction by the Sabha  of Aparajita-chaturvedimanglam in Perundarappuram situated in Purisai-nadu (about some land).  Mention is made of sabhai-variyam, eri-variyam and other committees of the assembly.  This might be a record of Uttama-Chola.

No. 354

(A.R. No. 113 192)

Tiruvilakkudi, Mayuram Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Manavalesvara temple

This records the gift of a silver vessel weighing 30 Ilakkasu for offering wear to the god during worship, by Aiyan Marasinga alias Virasekhara-Muvendavelan the donor mentioned in No. 319 above. Virasekhara was possibly a title of king Uttama-Chola.

No. 355

(A.R. No. 147 192)

On the south wall of eh Vighnesvara shrine in the same temple

This records the sale of 1/8 veli of land tax-free, for 24 ½  kalanju and 1 majadi of gold to a lady by name Baladevan Ilangida Sanai by Srikarana Tirukkarralippichchan for endowment to the temple of Tiruvelvikkudi Udaiyar for burning a perpetual lamp before god Vignesvara, through the agency of tirukkarralip-Pichchan himself.  This person is evidently its same as the one mentioned in No. 459 below.  The name of the village Videlvidugudevi-chaturvedimanglam of which Tiruvelvikkudi formed a part seems to have changed into Gangaikonda-Chol-Chaturvedimanglam.


No. 356

(A.R. No. 137 of 1929)

Lalgudi, Lalgdi Taluk, Tiruchirappalli District

On the north outer wall of the Amman shrine, Saptarisisvara temple

This records endowment of 13 kalanju of gold by Munnurruvan Tiru . . . . . . .  .Avanimangalyan the madhyastha of the village (name lost)in Kilar-Kurram a subdivision of Mala-nadu to provide for the sacred bath of the god . . . .yur-Mahadeva on the day of Dakshinayana with 108 pots of water (from the river?) with the interest on the amount(?) viz. 1 ¾  kalanju and 4 manjadi.  The inscription also like No. 71 above seems to have belonged to another temple.  This is probably a record of Uttama-Chola. No. 357

No. 356

(A.R. No. 164 of 1929)

Govindaputtur, Udaiyarpalayam Taluk, Tiruchirappalli District

On the north and west walls of the central shrine, Ganajatadhara temple

This is bilingual record in Sanskrit and Tamil, staring that Ambalvan Paluvur-Nakkan of Kavulalam (Kolar) who was a nobleman of the kin’s council and who had obtained the title Vikramsola-Maharajan after the surname of his over-lord, bilt the temple of Vijayamangalattu-Mahadeva with stone at Periya-Srivanavanmahadevi-chaturedimangalam a brahmadeya on the northern bank of the river and made and endowment of the village Neduvayil with is surrounding hamlets for offerings, worship and all other requirements of the temple after purchasing it tax-free from the assembly of the village.  In the Sanskrit portion with which the inscription begins, the donor is said to have been member of the fourth caste and a personification of all the good qualities, with whose valour the king was greatly pleased conferred on him the title ‘Vikrama-chola-Maharaa’.  The inscription has been assigned to king Uttama-Chola M.E.R. for 1929.

The inscription from line 42 to 83, which is in continuation of the above, is in smaller and also ornate style of writing and is fatly though out.  It purports to register an order issued in the 7th year of Rajarajadeva by the same donor (who is here called Rajaraja-pallavaraiyan) while he was camping at Sri Vijayamangalam, fixing in elaborate detail all the requirements in terms of paddy, for feeding 30 Sivayogins and 20 Brahmanas daily in the temple and for the maintenance of the several members of the temple staffs, which were to be met from the annual produce of the land granted.


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