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No. 316

(A.R. No. 305 of 1904)

Tirugokarnam, Pudukkottai State, Tirucirapalli District

On the second pillar (from the right) in front of the rock-cut central shrine, Gokarnesvara temple

This is built in at the end.  It seems to record some provision made by a resident of Tirvetpur for the celebration of a festival on the day of asterism Uttiram in Panguni month to god Ganapati in the temple at Sri-Gokarnam in Kavira-nadu.

No. 317

(A.R. No. 443 of 1904)

Vedaranyam, Tirutturaipundi Taluk, Tanjavur District

On a pillar in the mandapa in front of the central shrine, Vedaranyesvara temple

The inscription is much damaged.  It seems to record and endowment in money deposited with two residents of the village, to provide for rice offering to god Bhuvani-Vitanka (Nataraja) on his return to the temple after procession on the day of Tiruvadirai festival.

No. 318

(A.R. No. 320 of 1906)

Tirumalpuram, Walajapet Taluk, North Arcot District

On the south wall of the central shrine, ruined Vishnu temple

This records an endowment of land, 1462½  kuli in extent, by Koyil Kannapiratti wife of the chief Sattan Kalan Ve[lan] [Adi]tyan  alias Minavan Muvendaelan of Pullali, for the daily expenses of the ardha-yama service in the temple of theGoindapadi-Ninraulina-Perumanadigal. This land is stated to have been situated in the devadana-brahmadeya village Sirriyarur belonging to the Sabha of Nallimanglam and purchased out of the share owned by Vishnuchandra Bhutikramavitan a member of the ganam, his brother and their sister-in-law.  The mention of the chief makes the inscription assignable to Uttama-Chola.

Within the body of the inscription are two panels, one containing in relief the figures of two warriors, and the other the figures of a warrior and a woman.


No. 319

(A.R. No. 321 of 1906)

On the same wall

This may also be a record of Uttama-Chola.  It states that Sri Govindapadi Narayanan of Urupputtur a member of the alum-ganam of Avaninarayana-chaturvedimanalam consecrated an image of god Manavalapermal (in the temple) and made provision for the mid-day offering to the deity by an endowment of land let in charge of the servants of the matha attached to the temple

No. 320

(A.R. No. 471 of 1908)

Uyyakkondan-Tirumalai, Tiruchirapalli Taluk, Tiruchirapalli District

On the fifth pillar in the inner enclosure of the Ujjivanathasvami temple

This records a gift of 90 sheep for a perpetual lamp with an ulakku of ghee every day in the temple of Tirukkarkudi-Paramesvara by Udaitalai Tirukkarkudi Nangai wife of Ulaichchanan Kandan Sattan a resident of Nandipanmamangalam.  This might be an inscription of Uttama-Chola.

No. 321

(A.R. No. 690 of 1909)

Tirunedungulam, Lalgudi Taluk, Tiruchirapalli District

On the north wall of he Ganesa shrine, Nedungalanathasvami temple

This records an endowment of six veli of land, including ¾  veli of tank-bed and house-site areas, after purchasing it tax-free from the Sabha of Tirunarayana chaturvedimanglam in [Miy]singili-nadu by Sendan Kari alias Vadapuraiyurnattu Muvendavelan.  This land is stated to have been distributed in specified extents in perpetuity as vedakkadan among twelve persons who were to measure out between them, to the temple of Kayilayattu-Mahadeva 157 kalam and odd of paddy at one kalam and odd on every ma of land every year, half of this paddy being intended for the daily requirements of midday worship and offering to the god as tiruchcenadai, and the other half for the maintenance of four uvachchar (musicians) doing service in the temple.  The inscription may probably be one of Uttama-Chola though the writing appears to be later.

No. 322

(A.R. No. 129 of 1911)

Tiruvaramesvaram, Mannargudi Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the south wall of the mandapa in front of the central shrine, Ramaatheswara temple

This is mutilated in the middle and at the end.  It seems to record and order issued by Periya-Tirmanjunappittar, allotting the quantity of paddy required for offerings and for burning lamps during the different services in the temple of Tirviramisvaratu-Mahadeva at Madanamanjari-chaturvedimangalam, a brahmadeya in Nenmali-nad out of the produce from the lands which had been endowed to it by several persons.  This Tirumanjunappittar is also mentioned in an inscription of the 6th year of Rajakesarivarman an from the same village.  This is assignable to Uttama-Chola.

No. 323

(A.R. No. 240 of 1911)

Kumbhakonam, Kumbhakonam Taluk, Tanavur District

On the west wall of the central shrine, Nagesvarasvami temple

This is an inscription assignable to Uttama-Chola on account of the details of date given, which correspond to A.D. 982, June 9, Friday in the 13th year of the king.  This registers a gift of land after purchase by Viranaraniyar a queen of Uttama-Chola to the temple of Tirukkilkottattu-Perumal at Tirukkudamukkil, for providing for flower garlands to the god.

No. 324

(A.R. No. 341 of 1914)

Nangupatti Pudukkottai State

On the wall of the north verandah in the first prakara Madattukkoyil temple

This is an incomplete inscription in which mention is made of Tirupperumankoyil-Mahadeva in Urattur-kurram and (a chief) Udaiyar Virasolan Uttamasilan Malaiya ..  .


No. 325

(A.R. No. 59 of 1918)

Vriddhachalam, Vriddhachalam Taluk, South Arcot District

On the north wall of mandapa in front of the central shrine, Vriddhagirisvara temple

This records the tax-free gift of a quarter (veli) of dry land below the tank by the urar (assembly) of Nerkuppai, for offerings to Suryadeva (in the temple) at Tirumudukunram.  This was later converted into wet land by the efforts of one Kavidikkudi Kulamanan Kuttan mentioned in No. 303 above.  Both these inscriptions seems to be assignable to Uttama-Chola.

No. 326

(A.R. No. 434 of 1918)

Tirukkarugavur, Sirgali Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the south wall of the central shrine, Velvidainatha temple

This records the appointment of nine persons for playing music during the three services of the sandis, of ardhayama and palli-eluchchi in the temple of Tiruvelladai-mahadeva at Tirukkurugavur in Tiruvali-nadu, and the endowment of 1 veli, 3 ma and 3 kani of land for their maintenance. Made by Semban Arulan Uttamanidhi alias Uttamasola-Muvendavelan.  An additional piece of a ma and kani  of land was also given to tem towards their service during the palli-eluchci.  The donor is also stated to have built the temple with stone.  This is assignable to Uttama-Chola.

No. 327

(A.R. No. 381 of 1924)

Melapaluvur, Udaiyarpalayam Taluk, Tirucirapalli District

On the south wall of the Cholesvara shrine, Agastyesvara temple

This records the gift of procession image of Ganapati with pitha and prabha and  a gold flower for the deity to the temple of Mahdevaat Avanigandharva- Isvara-griham in Kunra-kurram, by Kandan Devadi of Navalur a subordinate of the chief Adigal Palavettaraiyan Kandan Sundarasolan.  This is an inscription of Uttama-Chola.

No. 328

(A.R. No. 325 of 1927)

Tiruppurambiyam, Kumbhakonam Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the west wall of the central shrine, Sakshisvara temple

This records a gift of 2 ma and a kani of land in Vanavamadevi-chaturvedimangalam in Inambar-nadu on the northern bank of the river, for burning 1½ perpetual lamps in the temple of Aditta-Isvaram-Udaiya at Tiruppurambiyam a devadana separated from Andattu-kurram, by Setti Peruman of Manarkudi in Manarkudi-nad also on the northern bank.  This Manarkudi is probably the same as Manikudi in the Kumbhakonam taluk.  Vanavan-Madevi was a queen of Uttama-Chola.


No. 329

(A.R. No. 141 of 1928)

Tiruppalanam, Tanjavur Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Apatsahayesvara temple

The inscription is much damaged.  It seems to record an endowment of land after making it cultivable, for offerings in temples of Tiruppalanam, Tiruvaiyaru, Tiruneyattanma, Tiruvedikudi and two others, by Pudi Kuttan of [Pu*]llamangalam in Nalur-nadu probably at the instanceof the king while he was stating at Palaiyaru.  This might be assigned to Uttama-Chola.

No. 330

(A.R. No. 134 of 1929)

Lalgudi, Lalgudi Taluk, Tirucirapalli District

On a slab built into the pavement on the north  side of the verendah round the amman shrine, Saptarishisvara temple

This is fragmentary.  It makes mention of Vishnu temple at Idaiyaru-mangalam in Idaiyaru-nadu a division of Pandikulasani-Valanadu.  This is probably an inscription Rajendra-Chola I, Pandikulasani’ being surmised to be a surname of is father Rajaraja.

No. 331

(A.R. No. 157 of 1929)

Govindaputtur, Udiyarpalayam Taluk, Trichinoploy District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Gangajatadhara temple

This registers an agreement given by the Sivabrahmanas headed by Kasyapan Kunran Singa-Bhattan and Bharadvaji Korran Tiruvaranga-Bhattan of Periya Sri-Vanavamadevi-chaturvedimangalam to Araiyan Sankaranarayana alias SolaMuttaraiyar, that they would regularly conduct by him in the village, for the endowment of land made by him under the Vadagudi tank. The services comprised daily worship, special bath, offering and worship on the two Ayana-Sankranti and two Vishu days, and also on the day of Visakha in Vaigasi month, and the maintenance of a perpetual lamp.  They bound themselves to be supervises by the Mahesvara-Narpattennayiravar and to pay fines in case of default to the vaiya-perumakkal of the assembly.


No. 332

(A.R. No. 165 of 1929)

On the west wall of he same shrine

This states that Ambalavan Paluvur-Nakkan alias Vikramasola-Marayan of Kuvalalam (Kolar) the Perundaram of Uttama-Choladeva built of stone the

Srivimana of the temple of Vijayamangalatu-Deva at Periya Sri-Vanavanmadevi-chaturvedimangalam.

No. 333

(A.R. No. 166 of 1929)

On the same wall

This records a gift of 96 sheep for burning a perpetual lamp with an ulakku  of ghee everyday in the temple, by Aparayitan Seyyavaymani wife of Ambalavan Paluvur-Nakkan who built this stone temple.  This is an inscription of Uttama-Chola.

No. 334

(A.R. No. 167 of 1929)

On the same wall

This records a similar gift of sheep by Singapanman Kanji-Akan another wife of Paluvur-Nakkan.

No. 335

(A.R. No. 196 of 1929)

Kandaradittam, Udaiyarpalayam Taluk, Tiruchirappalli District

On the door-jamb at the northern entrance into the central shrine, Cokkanatha temple

This registers a sale, by Kappiyan Vasudevan Setti of Peumalalur, residing at Sri Amaravikramachcheri (quarter) of Sri-Kandaradita-chaturedmangalam a brahmadeya on the northen bank of he river, of (the right of worship in the temple together with) his shade of emolument in land wet and dry, house, and (other income like?) sravanai, idukuru and padukuru belonging to him in common with others (sadukkam) (by order of he king) as sasanabaddha, for an agreed amount in gold, to one Brahmadharayan alias Atti[ra*]yan Chakrapani Sri Vasudevan.  This gold is stated to hve been of the quality tested by the standard weight and fineness of that obtaining at Korramangalam in Mala-nadu.

No. 336

(A.R. No. 172 of 1931)

Tiruchchatturai, Tanjavur Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the south wall of the central shrine, Odanavanesvara temple

This records a gift of 25 kalanju of gold deposited with the Sabha of Kalappalkudi a brahmadeya in Miraikurram for the daily supply of an ulakku of ghee for a perpetual lamp in the temple of Tiruchchorruturai-Madeva by . . . . . . Namban alias Kantakachandavarana-Peraaiyan of Kayalur in Manni-nadu.  To judge by his title, the donor should have been military chief of some note.


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