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No. 295

(A.R. No. 193 of 1931)

On the same wall

This records a gift of 96 sheep for burning a perpetual lamp in the temple with the daily supply of an ulakku of ghee from two local shepherds, made by Chedi-Mahadeviyar wife of Siddavadattadigal the chief of Maladu, on the day of a solar eclipse.  This is evidently an inscription of Uttama-Chola.

No. 296

(A.R. No. 245 of 1931)

Tirunarayanapuram, Musiri Taluk, Tiruchirapalli District

On the lintel of the Vedanayaki-Tayar shrine, Vedanarayana-Perumal Temple

This is a fragment of an inscription which should have recorded an exchange the temple (of Vaikunrattu-Ninraruliya-Perumal) at Mahendramangalam.  On the top of this stone is the concluding portion of another inscription which records a gift of land as a devadana to the temple by a private individual.

No. 297

(A.R. No. 690 of 1904)

Tirupparkadal, Walajapet Taluk, North Arcot District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Kharapurisvara temple

This is dated on the 120th day which is called kotta-nal (day of triumph) in the 12th year of the king, the significance of which is not clear.  It records an endowment of 50 kalanju of gold of  9½ mari in fineness, made by Sembiyan Ilangovelar Pudi (Bhuti) Adittar to provide for the daily supply of nail of rice for offerings and an ulakkuof oil for burning a perpetual lamp in the temple of Tirukkarapurattu-Perumanadigal at Kavadippakkam alias Amaninarayana-chaturvedimangalam in Paduvur Kottam.  The Maha-sabha of the village which received this amount deputed their Annual Tank-supervision Committee and the headman of the Sirrur(?) for the year respectively to make the supply.  Other committees of the assembly are also mentioned incidentally, like the kudumba variyam, Totta-variyam, Kalani-variyam the Bhattas and others.  The donor is evidently identical with the Kodumbalur chief Adityavarman son of Bhuti Vikramakesari. (M.E.R. for 1908, Part II,).  This seems to be assignable to Parantaka I.


No. 298

(A.R. No. 628 of 1905)

Tiruchchengodu, Tiruchchengodu Taluk, Salem District

On the rock to the west of the boulder called the Nagar-gundu, on the way to Ardhanarisvara temple

This is damaged.  It seems to record a gift of 26 kalanju of gold by on Uttaman Ganavadi a member of the assembly known as Sonattu-Prumakkal Tiruchchengodu for feeding Brahmanas on the hill on some festival days in the year month of Masi.

No. 299

(A.R. No. 637 of 1905)

On the rock east of the steps known as Arupadampadi, on the hill in the same village

This is much damaged.  It seems to record some endowment made by one Ranamuka-Naranan for feeding Brahmanas (in the temple on the hill) on the day of his natal star Rohini in the Masi month.

No. 300

(A.R. No. 209 of 1907)

Tiruvidaimarudur, Kumbhakonam Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Mahalingasvami temple

This is damaged.  It seems to record an endowment of land (a veli and half in extent) by a resident of Tanjavur to the temple of Tiruvidaimurududaiyar, for offering and worship to goddess Pallikkattil-Pirattiyar.  The devakarmis of the temple the sabha of Tiraimur, the Nagarattar of Tiruvidai-marudil and the Srikaryam (supervisor) are stated to have met in the big kavanam (courtyard) of the temple when the gift was made.

No. 301

(A.R. No. 279 of 1916)

Tirakkol, Wandiwash Taluk, North Arcot District

On a rock to the east of the boulder bearing Jaina images

This is much damaged.  It seems to record an endowment in money for the daily supply of water to the temple of Kanakavira-Sittadigal by Sembiyan Sembottiladanar son of Videlvidugu Sombottiladanar alias Ganaperumanar of Nadu-nadu.

No. 302

(A.R. No. 47 of 1918)

Vriddhachalam, Vriddachalam Taluk, South Arcot District

On the south wall of the mandapa in front of the central shrine, Vriddhagirisvara temple

This is clearly an inscription of Uttama-Chola.  It states that this temple with the snapana-mandapa (bathing hall), gopura, the surrulai (enclosed verandah) and the

Shrines for the parivara-devatas was constructed by queen Sembiyan-Mahadeviyari Gandaradityadeva who was the son of Periya-Solanar (the great Chola king) Sri Parantakadevar.  It also gives a list of the several gold and silver ornaments and utensils and other articles of worship presented by her ladyship to the temple. These comprised five copper lamps, one gold diadem five kalanju in weight less a manjadi, a silver plate weighing 389 kalanju, a silver jar (kendi) of 199 kalanju, 2 gold flowers weighing a kalanju and half, a gold fore-head plate (pattam) weighing one kalanju for God Nataraja (Kuttapperumal), a gold tali for Goddes Uma-Bhattaraki, a pearl necklace (panchsari) fastened with 3 idaikkattu  and 2 talimbam and another necklace with a gold middle piece (palagai) and a silver idaikkattu and (lastly) a gold flower for Kuttapperumal.

No. 303

(A.R. No. 56 of 1918)

On the north wall of the same mandapa

This inscription is obscure.  It records a gift of 45 sheep for ‘half-a lamp’ to be burnt before the image of Suryadeva in the temple at Tirumudukunram by Kavioikkudi Kulamanan Kuttan of Nerkuppai in Paruvirkurram a subdivision of Irungolappadi; also a gift of land by the same donor for the daily supply of an ulakku of ghee to the temple and some other articles such as a copper-pot, andolagattandu (?). piday and kadigai (vessels?).  The mention of Suryadeva as a principal deity in a shrine is noteworthy.   The sense of lines 5 and 6 do not clear.


No. 304

(A.R. No. 583 1920

Udaiyarkudi near Katturmannarkoyil, Chidambaram Taluk, South Arcot District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Anantisvara temple

The inscription is incomplete and also damaged.  It records the gift of an areca garden and two other pieces of land to provide for the daily supply of areca-nut and betel leaves, and also camphor during the three services in the temple of Tiruvanantisvarattu-Paramesvaa at Viranaarayana-chaturvedimangalam, by a resident of the village by ame Matirudasa-Kramavittan son of Tiruvanantisvara Kramavittan of Pullalur.  This might be Uttama-Chola.

No. 305

(A.R. No. 592 of 1920)

On the same wall

This records and endowment of some pieces of land after purchase from their several owners, by Adial Paluvetaraiyar Kandan Sundarasolanar on behalf of his younger brother Kandan Satturuhayankaranar for feeding five Brahmanas daily in the temple of Tiruvanantisvaram at Viranaryana-chaturvedimangalam and for burning a perpetual lamp in the temple.  The donor figures in two other inscriptions of Parakesarivaman (No. 120 of 1895 and No. 327 below).  His name or title suggests that the might have been called after Rajakesari Sundara-Chola Paranatka II.  The inscription may be assigned to the reign of Uttama-Chola.

No. 306

(A.R. No. 606 of 1920)

On the same wall

The inscription is peeled off towards the end.  It records the setting up of an image of Suryadeva with 500 kalanju of gold in the temple of Tiruvanantisvarama Udaiyar by (princess) Kundavaiyar, who also endowed 25 kalanju for burning two perpetual lamps in the temple.  This latter amount seems to have been invested on some land at Vilattur.  This may be a record of Uttama-Chola.

No. 307

(A.R. No. 364 of 1921)

Tiruvadi, Cuddalore Taluk, South Arcot District

On a pillar in the Ardha-Mandapa, Tiruvirattanesvara temple

This is much damaged.  It seems to record some provision made for burning a perpetual lamp in the temple of Tiruvirattanama-udaiya-Mahadeva at Adhirajamanalyampuram by an agent of [Vikra]masola-Marayan.


No. 308

(A.R. No. 379 of 1924)

Melappaluvur, Udaiyarpalayam Taluk, Tiruchirapalli District

On the south wall of he cholesvara shrine, Agastyesvara temple

The king’s name is specifically given as Uttama-Chola in this inscription.  It records a gift of 96 sheep for burning a perpetual lamp in the northern shrine of the temple of Mahadeva of Avanigandarva-Isvaragriham at Mannu-Perumaluvur in Kunrakikurram by Suman Kaliyan Arangan on behalf of his wife Devadi Pugalarai the daughter of Kandan Devadi of Navalur.

No. 309

(A.R. No. 94 of 1925)

Kilaiyur, Mayuram Taluk, Tanjavur District

On a Pillar in the central shrine, Vedapurisvara temple

This records an agreement given by the Perunguri-perumakkal (assembly) of Tiruvalundur a brahmadeya in Tiruvalundur-nadu exempting from all taxes, ½ veli and 2 ma of land endowed after purchase by Kannan Mallan alias Udaiyamattanda-Muvendavelar of Nagankudi in Ambar-nadu for the maintenance of a flower-garden which he had formed for god Tirukkadavudai[ya]-Emberumanar.  This seems to refer evidently to a Vishnu temple as seen by the expression Sri-Vaishnavarakshai at the end.and as the name of the god in this temple as given in other inscriptions is Agnisvara  This is assignable to Uttama-Chola.

No. 310

(A.R. No. 474 of 1925)

Pallikonda, Vellore Taluk, North Arcot District

On the west base of the central shrine, Naganathesvara temple

This is built in at the beginning of each line.  It seems to record an agreement by the assembly of Nandikamba-chaturvedimanglam in Pali-nadu a subdivision of Paduvur-kottam to remove the silt from the local tank every year to he extent of 20 kuli with the interest on seven (?) kalanju of gold received by them from a resident of Iraiyanseri in Kachchippedu.

No. 311

(A.R. No. 494 of 1925)

Sembiyanmahadevi, Nagapattinam Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the south wall of the central shrine, Kailasantha temple

This is an inscription of Uttama-Chola.  It records an endowment in money made by Battan Danatongiyar Malapadi Tennavan-Mahadeviyar, Vanavan-Mahadeviyar daughte of Irungolar and two others the daughters of Villupparaiyar and Palvettaraiyhar (chiefs)-all queens of Uttama-Chola for special worship and offerings in the temple on the days of Kettai (asterism) in Chittirai month, that being the natal star of their mother-in-law (queen Sembiyan-Mahadevi).  The amounts are said to have been entrusted for the purpose with Chaturvedibhatta-Tanapperumakkal by which seems to be meant the committee of management who were bound by obligation (sasana-baddha).  The inscription is built in at the right end and bottom.


No. 312

(A.R. No. 112 of 1926)

Tiruvilakkudi, Mauram Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Manavalesvara temple

The details of date correspond to A.D. 980, February 16, Monday in the reign of Uttama-Chola.  This records an endowment of two plots of land after purchase, one for maintaining a perpetual lamp, and the other for the daily supply of 15 pots of water from the river Kaveri for the sacred bath of the god in the temple of Tiruvelvikkudi-Mahadeva, by Ayyan Marasingan alias Virasekhara-Muvendavelan of Gunamalapadi in Nallarrur-nadu, who got the lands exempt from taxes by payment of lump sum to the perunguri-perumakkal (assembly) of Videlvidugudeva-chaturvedimangalam in Kurukkai-nadu.

No. 313

(A.R. No. 147 of 1928)

Tiruppalanam, Tanjavur Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the north and west walls of the central shrine, Adatsahayesvara temple

This is damaged and the writing is faulty.  If seems to record some provision made for the ardhayama, and the ushakkala services in the temple of Tiruppalanattu-Mahadeva by one Pudi Kuttan of Muramangalam.

No. 314

(A.R. No. 169 of 1929)

Govindaputtu, Udaiyarpalaiyam Taluk, Tirucirapalli District

On the south wall of the central shrine, Gangajatadhara temple

This records a gift of 384 sheep for burning 4 perpetual lamps in the temple of Sri Vijayamangalatu-Mahadeva at Periya Sri Vanavan-Mahadevi-chatrvedimangalam by Ambalavan-Paluvur-Nakkan alias Vikramasola-Marayan, who had built this temple of stone.  This is and inscription of Uttama-Chola.


No. 315

(A.R. No. 147 of 1932)

Tirupurambiyam, Kumbhakonam Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the north wall of the central shrine, Sakshisvara temple

This records a gift of 45 sheep for maintaining half a perpetual lamp before the image of Adittagaram-Udaiyar (Surya) by a shepherd named Tayan Satan of Innambar, ‘by the gracious-order of Tiruppurambiyam-Udaiyal.

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