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Kulasekhara Dharmap erumal Tirunelvelipperumal Kulasekhara

No. 510 (Page No 342)

(A. R. No. 483 of 1909.)

Solapuram, Sivaganga Taluk, Ramanathapuram District Same wall.

Dharmapperumal Kulasekharadeva : Saka 1483 and 13th year,

Durmati Varsha-ritu, Kanni (Purattasi) 19, su. 10,

Thursday, Uttiradam=1561 A. D. September 18. 

This inscription records that on the orders of the prince Alagan perumal Ativiraraman, a certain Urudaiya-mudali alias Virapandi Sudikkodutta-mudali, the madapattiyam (manager) of the temple of the god Tiruvalaivayudaiyar of Madaikulattukkil Madurai in Madurai udaiya-valanadu, was appointed as the temple accountant of the temple of the god Viruapandisvara of the place (name not mentioned), and he was given the right to enjoy (kaniyatchi) of the land one ma in extent in Mudivilangupandyan-kulapparru in Solaiseri in Anmarai-nadu, that went with the appointment. 

No. 557 (Page No 382)

(A. R. No. 527 of 1909.)

Tenkasi, Tenkasi Taluk, Tirunelveli District

North wall of the verandah round the same shrine.

Perumal Tirunelvalipperumali Dharma-perumal Kulasekharadeva, son of Jatilavarman alias Tribh Konerimaikondan Abhirama Parakrama-pandyadeva. 

S. 1485 and year 13, Rudhirodgarin, Uttarayana, Varsha-ritu, Kumbha

(Masi) 10 (?) su. 3, Monday, Uttiram=1563 A. D., Irregular. 

This inscription is also in Tamil and Grantha characters. It refers to the king as Viravenbamalaiyan. 

It states that in former days a certain Sankaran, the brother of (Nagutti Kolangidevan) of  Nagapasattur was granted land as berigai-kani and that it was resumed by the king, and that on request from Alagan-Perumal Ativira  reman, the land in Kilapparakkiramanallur in Tenkasi in Tennari-nadu, which was previously held by him, was re-granted to him. It is stated that the servant would get also a house-site in the same place and also a share in the temple offerings, as well as other attendant gifts. 

The signatory was Kodmalur-Udaiyan.


No. 53 (Page No 35)

(A. R. No. 51 of 1909)

Vemuru, Tenali Taluk, Guntur District

In the same place as above.

S 1[050] (?) = 1128-29 A.D.

Published in S.I.I., Vol. X, No. 87

Srivallabha Ativiraraman

No. 511 (Page No 342)

(A. R. No. 484 of 1909.)

Solapuram, Sivaganga Taluk, Ramanathapuram District Same wall.

Perumal Ativiraraman alias Sivaladeva: Saka 1509 and 26th year (?),

Sarvajit=1587 A. D.

This inscription is unfinished and stops after mentioning the above given particulars. 

No. 539 (Page No 367)

(A. R. No. 509 of 1909.)

Tenkasi, Tenkasi Taluk, Tirunelveli District Same place.

S. 1486, Raktakshi, Chittirai 20, su. 6, Sunday,

Punarpusam=1564 A. D., April 16.

This inscription also in Tamil verse, records that, on the date quoted above, a certain Alagan Sivalavel was crowned. 

No. 545 (Page No 370)

(A. R. No. 515 of 1909).

Tenkasi, Tenkasi Taluk, Tirunelveli District Same place.

Perumal Alagan Perumal Ativiraraman alias Sivaladeva: S. 1518 and (?) 34th year, Durmuki, Purattasi 8=1596 A. D., September 7 (Tuesday).

This inscription records that certain tax-incomers from the village Visvanatanallur were given as sarvamanya by the king to provide for the festival on the days when Bharani fell in the month of Chittirai, of the god Visvanathar and for the abhisheks of the goddess Ulagammai, of Tenkasi in Tennari-nadu and that royal servants collected them by mistake, and that therefore the priests struck work. On knowing this the king ordered not only the return of the tax-amounts collected, to the temple but also re-granted the village Visvanathanallur for the same festival and abhisheka as sarvamanya. Besides, several other grants were also announced by the king. They are the remission of the kanikkai in the central shrine of the god, the cessation of the payment of panam being the share money due to Senkottai from Visvananallur, the remission of the amounts due on account of the temple-accountant, the Mahanavami-birthdays, and the kanam, the house-tax and the tax on Pal of the village, etc. 

No. 549 (Page No 373)

(A. R. No. 519 of 1909.)

Tenkasi, Tenkasi Taluk, Tirunelveli District Same place.

Arikesari Parakrama-pandyan: 1463 A. D.

This inscription, in Tamil verses, records that the ruler, called Parakramakkaiytavan, Manakavachan, Korkaivendan, Arikesari, Vindaippor-kadandapandyan and Ponnin Perumal, finished the stone work of the gopura at Tenkasi within 6 years (of. No. 536 above) and died. 

No. 563 (Page No. 393)

(A. R. No. 533 of 1909)

Tenkasi, Tankasi Taluk, Tirunelveli District

North wall of the mandapa in front of the central shrine in the

Kulasekharamudaiyan temple in the same village. 

Jatilavarman alias Tribh Konermaikondan Perumal Alagan Perumal Ativiraraman alias Srivallabhadeva S. 1490 and year 6, Vibhava, Uttarayana,

Hemanta-ritu, Makara (Tai) 10, ba. 5, Friday, Uttiram+1569 A.D.,

January 7. The day in the month f Makara was 11 and the Saka year was expired. 

This inscription is also in Tamil and Grantha characters. 

It records the sale of house-sites and gardens for a sum of 200 anradu valangum Nenmeni Kaliyugaramapanam, by the Bhattas of Puliyur Parakkira mapandi-chaturvedimangalam in Tennari-nadu, to the temple of the god Kulasekaramudaiyanayinar of Kulasekaranallur in the same nadu. Several bhattas (names given) had affixed their signatures. 

No. 564 (Page No. 394)

(A. R. No. 534 of 1909)

Tenkasi, Tenkasi Taluk, Tirunelveli District Same wall.

Jatilavarman alias Tribhuvanachakaravartin Konerimaikondan Perumal

Algan Perumal Ativiraraman alias Srivallabhadeva:

S. 1489, Year 5 (Prabhava=1567 A.D.

Published in S.I.I. Volume V, No. 765. 

No. 565 (Page No. 394)

(A. R. No. 535 of 1909)

Tenkasi, Tenkasi Taluk, Tirunelveli District

West wall of the central shrine in the same temple.

Jatilavarman alias Tribh Konerimaikondan Perumal Alganperumal  Ativiraraman alias Srivallabhadeva:

S. 1489, Year 5, Prabhava, Uttarayana, Hemantha-ritu,Makara (Tai) 5, su. 3, Friday, Sravishtha=1578 A.D., January 2. The nakshatra ended on the previous day at 18

The sake year was expired. 

This inscription is in Tamil and Grantha characters. 

It states that the king’s birth star was Punarvvasu, and that he built the temple for, and consecrated the images therein of, the god Kulasekharanathan and the goddess Kulalvaymolingai-nayaki in Kulasekharanallur to the east of Dakshinakasi, on the northern bank of the Chitranadi in Tennari-nadu.  It also states that the images of the Parivara deities were consecrated also there and provided for their worship offerings and festivals.  It further states that in the months of Masi and Avani when festival in the temple of the god Visvanatha took place, the images of the god Kulasekharanatha and his consort were brought and kept there.  To provide for the worship and offerings to the latter on these occasions, a sum of 360 panam at one panam a day was required annually.  The king, therefore, made a gift of the village Sundarapandya-pererikulam for this purpose.

Kulasekharaperumal alias parakrama Maran Alagiya Sokkanar

No. 509 (Page No 341)

(A. R. No. 482 of 1909.)

Solapuram, Sivaganga Taluk, Ramanathapuram District

North wall of the central shrine in the Vikramapandyesvara temple.

Kulasekhara-Perumal alias Parakrama Maran Alagiya-Sokkanar : S. 1495 and 2nd year, Srimukha, Dakshinayana, Varsha-ritu, Vrischika (Karttigai) 16, su 6, Sunday, Magha=1573 (A. D.), November 15. The tithi ended on the previous day at 99, from 24. 

This inscription records the appointment to the post of Madapattiyam in the temple of Vikramapandisvaram of place (name not mentioned) to a certain Battar Alagar, a Kaikkolar of the temple of the god Chintamani nadan of Vasudevanallur in Ariya-nadu, made by the ruler. It also records the grant made by him, to the same temple official, of two ma of land as mada pattiyak-kanakku kaniyatchi. Of the two ma of land, one ma is stated to be situated in Solaiserip-parru in Anma-nadu. It is stated that this gift is to be enjoyed hereditarily.

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