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Annapottu or Anavota-Reddi

No. 635 (Page No. 430)

(A. R. No. 601 of 1909)

Motupalle, Bapatla Taluk, Guntur District

On another pillar of the same mandapa.

Annapottu Reddi : Saka 1280, Vilambi, Avani 15=1358, A. D., August 13.

This inscription seems to be incomplete. 

It records a regulation instituted by the merchants on the sea and those residing in the seashore towns. It states that whosoever stayed at mottuppalli his needs must be fulfilled, and there was no objection for him to move to any place. The levy called aputrika-dendam was not to be imposed on the foreigners. The usual rate of customs was allowed on gold and silver. Three-fourth of the former duty was remitted on exported sandal. Foreigners could sell their merchandise to whomsoever they liked and could buy whatever other articles merchandise the duty was to be levied as before.  This was the procedure followed in the anjinanpugalidam (place of security to persons in distrees). 

It further records that for every 100 articles imported from the south 3 articles should be given and for every 100 clothes, two clothes should be given etc. 

No. 636 (Page No. 432)

(A. R. No. 602 of 1909)

Motupalle, Bapatia Taluk, Guntur District

In the same place as above. Anavota Reddi : 1358 A.D.

Published in S. I. I., Vol. X, No. 556.


No. 47 (Page No 34)

(A. R. No. 46 of 1909)

Undavalli, Guntur Taluk Guntur District

On a pillar set up in front of the Bhaskaresvara temple.

Prataparundra-Gajapati: 1556 A.D.

Published in S. I. I., Vol. X, No. 737.

pedakomati vema

No. 568 (Page No. 396)

(A. R. Nos. 538, 539 and 540 of 1909)

Kondavidu, Narasaraopeta Taluk Guntur, District

On a pillar and two beams in the ruined mandapa called Varahalakottu. 1405 A. D.

Published in S. I. I., Vol. X, No. 572.


No. 571 (Page No. 397)

(A. R. No. 543 of 1909.)

Aminabad Sattenapalli Taluk, Guntur, District

On a boulder called Pullaribodu. Rachavema Reddi: 1416 (?) A. D.

Published in S. I. I., Vol. X, No. 582.

No. 585 (Page No. 405)

(A. R. No. 555 of 1909)

Karempudi, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On a beam of the tower called Nayudu mandapa in the middle of the same village. 1444 A.D.

Published in S. I. I., Vol. X, No. 585.

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