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No. 630 (Page No. 428)

(A. R. No. 597 of 1909)

Gurizala, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On a slab set up near the platfrom of the flag-staff in the court-yard of Virabhadresvara temple.

Saka 1430, Vibhava, Jyeshtha ba. 2, Sunday=1508 A. D.,

May 16. The week-day was Tuesday. 

It states that Srinatharaju Ramayadeva-maharaju endowed the virttichelu as sarvamanya to the devabrahmas (brahmanas offerings worship to the deities) of gurindala in Gurinadala-sima, for hereditary enjoyment. This chief is stated to have borne the epithets like mahamandalesvara, Anivarana Sihyaravu and samanta-bamgara- mahapatra.


No. 612 (Page No. 417)

(A. R. No. 581 of 1909)

Macherla, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On the fourth pillar of the mandapa in the Chennakesava temple.

Saka 1450, Sarvadhari, Karttika ba. 30, Thursday=1528 A. D. November 12. Solar eclipse 

It registers the grant of land called dari-madi by Kakila Palraju on the occasion of Surya-grahana (Solar eclipse) for the merit of his father Padmaraju and mother Tirumaladevi.


No. 627 (Page No. 427)

(A. R. No. 594 of 1909)

Cherlagudipadu, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On a stone set up near the wall in the Siva temple.

Saka 1457, Parttiva, Karttika ba. 7, Thursday=Irregular

It records that Krishnamaraju of. . tsarikonda dug out a well and conse crated the same in the temple of Kalesvara, for the merit  of his father Timmaraju and mother Vemkamma. The donor is described as the servant of god Amarachandesvara.


No. 621 (Page No. 423)

(A. R. No. 590 of 1909)

Miriyala, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On a slab near the platfrom of the flag-staff in front of the Chennarayasvami temple.

Saka 1530, Plavanga, Ashadha su. 11=1607 A. D., June 25.

The month was Adhika Ashadha and the Saka year was current. 

It states that while Potinemdu, grandson of Potinemni, was ruling from Miriyala, built a central shrine (?) for god Chamnnakesavaraya and set up a lamp-pillar (tiruvalike-kambha) for the merit of his father Mamchinemni and mother Mamdama. Also records a grove raised by him.


No. 720 (Page No. 513)

(A. R. No. 669 of 1909)

Tirunedungalam, Lalgudi Taluk, Tiruchirappalli District Same wall.

Vira Ramanathadeva : Year 13, Mesha (Chittirai) su.[...], Sunday,

Ayilyam=1267 A.D., April 4 f.d.n. 12. The week-day was Monday. 

This inscription records a gift of 870 kalam of paddy to provide for food and other offerings, services, and repairs and constructions in the temple of Tirunedungala-udaiyar in Vadakavi-nadu in Pandikulasani-valanadu, made by Udaiyan Kurramarinjan Vanigai Purandar of Ariyalur.  It also records that the service of tiruchchinnam should be held in front of the image of the deity whenever Vanigai Purandarar Tampiran attended the minors services.


No. 576 (Page No. 400)

(A. R. No. 547 of 1909.)

Julakallu, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On a slab set up in front of the Bhimalingesvarasvami temple.

Saka 1635, Nandana, Karttika su. 15

It records a grant of land behind the lands and lake originally belonged to the donor with a sowing capacity of one tumu, 2 kuchchellu to the west of Ayyavari lake, the lands in the eastern borders of Chimtapalli, 2 kuchchellu received as the share of karanika, by Ambbaraju, son of Akkiraju and grandson of Jagaraja Yallamaraju belonging to Kasyapa-gotra and Asvalayana-sutra for the celebration of festivals to god Bhimanathasvami of Julakamtti.


No. 574 (Page No. 398)

(A. R. No. 546 of 1909.)

Julakallu, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On a slab lying infront of the Anjaneya temple

Saka 1699, Hevalm bi, Sravana su 15—1777 A. D. August 18, Monday.

It refers that during the rule of Mallaraju Gumdarajani, A[ppikttai] Varushaya Ramaya, son of Mukunda, grandson of Raghavulu belonging to Nagunella-gotra, at the instance of the priest Marepalli Purushottam got the mandapa, in front of the temple of Anjaneya which had been in ruins, reconstructed and reconsecreated the deity, for which a grant of a quarter veli of dry and wet land of sowing capacity of kavili-kumchedu, with the permission of divana for the worship and food-offerings to the same deity. The temple was situated to the east of the village Juvvulakamti in Bellamkomda-sima. 

No. 575 (Page No. 399)

(A. R. No. 546-A of 1909.)

Julaksllu, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District on another slab(?)

Saka 1711, Saumya, Margasira su. 15=1789 A. D., December 2 (Wednesday).

It refers to the rule of Malraju Gumdraya and states that the temples of Gopalasvami and Bhimesvarasvami at Jalakamti in Bellamkomda-sima having been dilapidated and the worship therein being stopped for the past four years, Buchchanna, son of Ramamnna, grandson of Ragamnna of Pamgguluru belonging to Kakitela-gotra and Kamma-vamsa, got them renovated and the deities reconsecrated therein, for the worship and offerings of which a gift of wet land with  sowing capacity of 4 manike and quarter of wetland (velipsolamu) was made by Buchchanna, from out of the manya lands bestowed on him by the king. 

It also records the renovation and reconsecration of the temple of Vinayaka and the deity therein, renovation of the tank which was strengthened with bund and sluice and the exavation of a well nearby by the same donor.


No. 588 (Page. No. 408)

(A. R. No. 557 of 1909)

Karempudi, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On a pillar in the ‘temple of heroes’ (virula gudi) below No. 587. Nala, Karttika ba. 30 

It refers to the services to god Chamnnaraya by Vimjampoti, the mahamandalesvara of Alguraju.

No. 583  (Page No. 403)

(A. R. No. 554 of 1909)

Karempudi, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District

On a pillar of the mandapa in front of the temple of Suresvara.

Saka 1547, Raktakshi, Magha su. 10, Saturday=1625 A. D., January 8.

It states that the temple of Chennakesava built by Adsamballi Ramanayani, son of Gamggapa, grandson of Kamchinayani belonging to Alutla-gotra, at Karemupumdi-pattana called Vudamdda-vira-tirupati and included in the Vilayati-kasaba of Kondaviti-sima belonging to the ijarati of Mari Ramanayani of Vamkayalapadu, who is the mudrakarta of Ramanayani, having been dilapidated and the image therein being mutilated got it reconstructed including the prakara and a similar deity reconsecrated therein along with the alvars and goddess for the worship and food-offerings of which a gift of paddy, ghee, oil, the income from taxes, lands at Karempumdi originally given by Ramanayani probably by Viramaraju of Bollepalli.  It also records a grant of sarvamanya lands owned by him, the lands given by the village officers, and other dry  and wet lands in several places along with income from taxes on the marriages conducted at Karempumdi, among communities like Gutta-chatti, Komati and the income from the articles of merchandise to the same deity for the worship and offerings. 

No. 584 (Page No. 404)

(A. R. No. 554-A of 1909)

Karempudi, Palnad Taluk, Guntur District.

On a pillar of the mandapa in front of the temple of Suresvara.

Saka 1751, Virodhi, Asvija su. 13=1829 A.D., October 10

It states that Bodi Krishtayya set up a dhvaja-stambha on the above date and fixed it with mortar in the month of Phalgupa.

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