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Rajanarayana Sambuvaraya

No. 63 ( Page No 40)

(A. R. No. 61 of 1909)

Tirukkalukkunram, Chingleput Taluk, Chigleput District

On the north wall of the kitchen in the Bhaktavatsalesvara temple,

right of entrance.

Rajanarayana Sambhuvaraya : Year 10=1348 A.D. 

The details of date, viz., Ishabha-su.  13, Sunday, Asvati correspond to 1348 A.D., April 27, but the paksha was bahula. 

This inscription records that some persons (names given) belonging to Puduppattinam alias Solamattandanallur Uraiyirani in Mondur-nadu, a subdivision of Amur-kottam, a district of Jayangodasola-mandalam, sold their village Mangalam for 350 pon to the temple of Tirukkalukkunramudaiyanayar at Tirukkalukkunram in Kalattur-kottam in Jayangondasola-manadalam. 

No. 283 ( Page No 180)

(A. R. No. 268 of 1909.)

Tirukkachchur, Chingleput Taluk, Chingleput District Same wall.

Rajanarayanan Sambhuvarayar : Year 13, Tula (Aippasi)-ba. 2, Sunday, Karttigal= 1350 A. D., October 17, f.d.t. 11.

This inscription records a gift of a garden of Punnai trees, 170 kulis in extent, belonging to the estate of a certain Kasivan (Kasyapan) a samaiya,mudali of the Jiyar  of Pushpagiri, to the temple of Tiruvalakkoyiludaiyar of ztirukkaichchur (Tirukkachchiur), probably by Sankarasiva, the Jiyar. 

No. 417 ( Page No 271)

(A. R. No. 396 of 1909.0

Siddhalingamadam, Tirukkoyilur Taluk, South Arcot District

West wall of the same verandah.

Sakalaokachakravartin Rajanarayana Sambuvaraya : Year 20, Makara (Tai) su. 3, Wednesday, Tiruvonam=1358 A. D. January 10, f.d.n. 04. The tithi was Amavasya.

This inscription records that the Srimahesvaras, stanikars  and  Kaikkolars  of Sirringur, a brahmadesam  in Kurukkaik-kurram in Irasadirasa-valanadu met in the temporary shed (kavanam) called the Panvasi-kondan  in the temple of the god Tiruppulippagava-nayanar of the place, to decide about a land. The land is stated to have been gifted as devadana previously by a certain Pungurkilan Tavapperumal  alias Visvanadevar, a Mayesvara of Tiruppungur and that the same was included in the government estate till the 17th year of the king and tax (irasa-karam) was paid accordingly. The above-mentioned assembly arranged to get the land released from the royal holdings, and make it a tax free land from the beginning of the 18th year of the king. This land then because the kani of Visvanadevar.

Mallinatha Sambuvaraya

No. 365 ( Page No 240)

(A. R. No. 344 of 1909.)

Kuvam, Tiruvallore Teluk, Chingleput District Same wall.

Sakalalokachakravartin Rajanarayana, Tirumallinatha Sambhuvaraya : Year 16 : C. 14th century.

This inscription is built in at the end.

It appears to record a gift of land in Tirubhuvanamadevi vilagam for worship and a Sandhi  lamp to the god Tovala Kuttappillaiyar, probably of the temple Tiruvirkolamudaiyar, in Kuvam  alias Tiyagasamudranallur. The donor’s name and other details are lost. Mentions a locality called Tiruvenkattuttaluval.


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