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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


South Indian Inscriptions


Inscriptions of the Ranganathasvamy Temple, Srirangam


Hambira Kumara - Mahapatra

No. 284 (Page No. 302)

(A. R. No. 87 of 1937-38) and

No. 285

(A. R. No. 140 of 1938-39)

Aryabhattal-vasal, inner wall, left of entrance

Refers to the gift of 1000 cows towards milk and ghee offerings made by Dakshina Kapilesvara Hambira-Kumbira-Mahapatra. The record is dated in saka 1386, Subhanu, Panguni 25, correspond to A.D. 1464, March 20.







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