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Inscriptions of the Ranganathasvamy Temple, Srirangam




No.286 (Page No. 303)

(A. R. No. 55 of 1892)

II Prakara, east wall

Saka 1293 (1371 A.D.)

Records that goppana took the image of Ranganatha from Tirupati to Chenji, his capital and after defeating the Muslims restored the image to Srirangam and had it installed there with Lakshmi and Bhudevi, the consorts of the Lord. The record is dated in Saka year 1293 expressed by the chronogram bandhupriya.

(Published in Ep. Ind., Vol. VI, p. 322)

No. 287  (Page No. 303)

(A. R. No. 47 of 1938-39)

II Prakara, west wall

Registers the gift of a Kalmadam at the centre of the western portion of the north Vikramachoal-tiruvaidi to Pradhani Vittahappar, son of Appraju of the Bhardvaja-gotra, when he retored the Tiruvaidaiyattam lands to the temple at Srirangam with the help of Vira Kampana Udaiyar, son of Vira Bukkanna  Udaiyar.  The details of the date viz., Pramadi, Vaikasi, Paurnami, Monday, Visakha, correspond regularly to A.D. 1373, May 11, Friday (not Monday), f.d.t. 42; 87


No. 288  (Page No. 304)

(A. R. No. 48 of 1938-39)

II Prakara, west wall

No date

States that Vitthappa, son of Apparasa of the Bharadvaja-gotra, the Mahamantri (of the king), formed (endowed ) a pasture land (for the temple ) between specified boundaries, near the Yoga-Narasimha temple. (See No. 287 ante) 


No. 289  (Page No. 304)

(A. R. No. 35 of 1948-49)

II Prakara, south  wall

Saka 1297 (1376 A.D.)

Registers the gift of Turaiyur, a village in Melaimuri of Malai-nadu in Rajaraja-valanadu by Goppanangal towards repairs, flowers gardens and a choultry at the Pallavaraya-Matha, under the order from Chikka Udaiyar i.e Kampana  son of Bukka I. The record is dated in saka 1297, Rakshasa, Pusya (Tai 15) ba. 3, Thursday which correspond regularly to A.D. 1376, January 10, Thursday, 67; nakshatra Magha 12

No. 290  (Page No. 305)

(A. R. No. 113 of 19738-38)

Slab built into the pavement of the Navaratri-Mandapa in front of the Tayar shrine

Date lost 

Fragmentary in characters of the 14th century A.D. Mentions . . . . . . Goppanangal as the signatory, who is probably identical with an officer of the same name referred to in No. 289 above. 


No. 291 (Page No. 306)

(A. R. No. 86 of 1938-39)

II Prakara, chandana-mandapa, south wall

No date.

Contains a Sanskrit verse in Grantha, evidently issued by king Virupaksha, expounding his creed that he who imparts knowledge (buddhi) is the father, they who gladden (hita) are the relatives (bandhavah) and she who is agreeable ( to her lord) is the wife. This is the opening verse in the drama Narayanivilasa in which the sutradhara introduces king Virupaksha as the author of the play.  

No. 292 (Page No. 306)

(A. R. No. 153  of 1938-39)

V Prakara, ChakKarattalvar shrine, mandapa, capital of two pillars

No date.

States in verses that Virupaksha, son of Harihara, grandson of Bukka, and the daughter’s son (dauhitra) of Ramabhupati constructed the vimana, gopura and mandapa to Chakrin, i.e., Chakkarattalvar and that he further made a gift of the village Pachchil to the deity. 

No. 293 (Page No. 307)

(A. R. No. 58 of 1892)

II Prakara, west  wall

No date.

Contains a long prasasti of Muddaya-Dandanayaka, minister of Harihara II, in Sanskrit and Grantha.

Published in SII., Vol. IV, No. 505. 

No. 294 (Page No. 309)

(A. R. No. 54 of 1936-37)

IV  Prakara, east wall

No date.

The record is unfinished . it gives the ancestry of the king Virupaksha from Samgama and states that he was the son of Harihara by Mallambika and the daughter’s son of king Ramadeva of the Yadukula. Mentions a visit of the king to the sage Vidyaranya. The inscription is in Sanskrit prose engraved in Grantha characters. 

No. 295 (Page No. 310)

(A. R. No. 88 of 1937-38 )

Aryabhattai-vasal, inner wall, left of entrance

Saka (1305 A.D.)  

Registers gift of cows by Somanathadeva, son of pradhani Vittappa, who was the son of Apparasar of the Bhardvaja-gotra, for a perpetual lamp in the temple. The details of the date viz., Saka 1305, Rudhirodgarin, Karkataka, su. 10, Monday, Hasta would correspond to A.D. 1383, July 6, Monday, if su. 10. be emended into su 6. 

No. 296 (Page No. 310)

(A. R. No. 86 of 1938-39)

Chandana-mandapa, south wall

Saka 1305 (1383 A.D.)

Registers a gift of 20 cows by Muddarasa, the minister of Virupaksha II, for a perpetual lamp in the temple. Mentions Harihara, the father of the king. The details of the date viz., Saka 1305 (in words ). Rudhirodgari, Karttika, su. 11, Revati, Friday correspond regularly to A.D. 1383, November 6, Friday , 44; f.d.n. 27. 

No. 297 (Page No. 311)

(A. R. No. 87 of 1938-39)

Chandana-Mandapa, south wall

Saka 1305 (1383 A.D.)

In Sanskrit verse written in Grantha. Register a gift of land by Muddarasa the minister of Virupaksha, for rearing a flower-garden for supply of garlands to the god. The details of the viz., Saka 1305 (in chronogram manasiaghye), Karttika, paurnami, Tuesday, Krittika correspond regularly to A.D. 1383, November 10, Tuesday, 78; 58. 

No. 298  (Page No. 311)

(A. R. No. 77 of 1938-39)

Chandana-Mandapa, south wall

Saka 1305 (1383 A.D.)

Registers the gift of perpetual lamp to Sri Ranganatha by Devarasar, son of Sangamarasar of Velur on the occasion of a lunar eclipse. Devarasar was a Pradhani of Virupana. The details of the date viz., saka 1305, Rudhirodgarin, Magha, su. Magha, Sunday, lunar eclipse correspond to A.D.1384, February 7, Sunday, 84; 85, lunar eclipse.  

No. 299 (Page No. 312)

(A. R. No. 154 of 1938-39)

Velli-gopuram, left side recess pillar.

Damaged. In Sanskrit written in Grantha. Refers to the construction of a bridge by Muddapa-mantri of the Kasyapa-gotra, over the river Kaveri (Sahyatmaja). 

No. 300 (Page No. 312)

(A. R. No. 76 of 1938-39)

Chandana-Mandapa, south wall

Saka 1305 (1383 A.D.)

Registers a gift of 20 cows for supply of milk to the temple by devaraya, a Pradhani of Virupana and son of Sangamamatya. The record is composed in Sanskrit and engraved in grantha characters, and is dated in Saka 1307 (chronogram Senaslaghye), Krodhana, and Paurnami which cannot be verified for want of sufficient details. The Saka year corresponds to A.D. 1385. See. No.297 above. 

No. 301 (Page No. 313)

(A. R. No. 341 of 1952-53)

Aryabhattal-vasal, inner wall, left of entrance

Saka 1308 (1386 A.D.)

Registers a gift of 15 cows with calves for maintaining lamps in front of the god by Kannattai, the nurse (tadi) of Viruppanna Udaiyar in Saka 1308, Kshaya, Purattasi 25, together with the gift of a similar number of cows and calves made in the previous Raktakshin, Vaikasi 29, for milk and ghee offerings to the god. The details of the former date correspond to 1386 A.D., September 25 and that of the latter to 1384 A.D. May 29. 

No. 302 (Page No. 314)

(A. R. No. 197 Of 1951-52 )

II Prakara, Tiers Of The Chandana-Mandapa, Facing The Nalikettan-Vasal

Saka 1312 (=1390 A.D.) 

Fragmentary. Records the gift of 30 cows and a perpetual lamp by Annappa-Udaiyar-Chaundappa, son of Vitthappa of the Vatsa-gotra. The Saka year is expressed by the chronogram Rajyaloke (1312) and the details, pramoda. Karttika, Utthanadvadasi correspond to 1390 A.D., October 21. 

No. 303 (Page No. 314)

(A. R. No. 72 of 1938-39)

Chandana-mandapa, west wall

Saka 1318 (1396 A.D.) 

Registers gift of house sites by the executives of the temple to Annappa Chavundappar, the Sthanika of the temple and the son of Vitthappangal of Jaula in Veluvala (Belvola-) desa, in recognition of his services in the administration of the temple. The gift is said to have been sanctioned by the god. Chavundappa is said to have consecrated the deity Vittalantha and Provided for regular offering therein. He further made for the god an aureola (Tiruvasigai), repaired the 1,000-pillared mandapa and also gilded the koyilalvar i.e., vimana of the temple. The details of the date viz., Saka 1318 Dhatu, Mithuna, su. 2, Thursday, Punarpusam correspond regularly to A.D. 1396, June 8, Thursday, 28; 15. 

No. 304  (Page No. 316)

(A. R. No. 92 of 1937-38 )

Aryabhattal- vassal, Inner Wall

Saka 1329 (1407 A.D.)

Registers the gift of cows towards maintaining a lamp and milk offerings to the god and goddess, by Rangana-Udaiyar, son of Mahapradhani Jembaya-Dennayakkar. The record is dated in saka 1329, Sarvajit, Arpasi 7,  probably corresponding to A.D. 1047, October 6. 

No. 305  (Page No. 317)

(A. R. No. 71 of 1938-39)

II Prakara, Chandana-Mandalam, West Wall.

Saka 1332 (1410  A.D.)

Registers the gift of Kaniyatchi for sacred thread (yajnopavitam), a house, a share of offering and two veli of tax-free land to Ellayar, son of Sangamadevar of Kasmiradesa and belonging to Asvalayana-sutra and Gautama-gotra. The details of the date viz., Saka 1332, Vikriri, Simha, ba. 3, Sunday, Uttirattadi regularly correspond to A.D. 1410, August, 87, 28

Vira Bhupati; 

No. 306 (Page No. 318)

(A. R. No. 59 of 1938—39 )

II Prakara, South Wall

Saka 1335 (1413 A.D.)

States that endowment of 80 pon made on Vaikasi 32, Jyeshtha su. 5, Friday, Virodhin corresponding to Saka 1331, for conducting certain festivals to the god in the name of the king on the day of his natal star Punarpusam in the month of Tai, having been found inadequate, the king increased the endowment by an addition of 55 pon on Ashadha su. 1 in the year Vijaya. It was stipulated that there should be no official participation in the management of these festival, the conduct of which was entrusted to Uttama Nambi. The details of the first date are irregular while those for the second viz., Vijaya, Ashadha su. 1 which is the date of the inscription, may be equated to July 14, 1413 A.D., taking the month as Nija-Ashadha, although it cannot be verified for want of the week-day. 

Devaraya I 

No. 307 (Page No. 319)

(A. R. No. 60 of 1938-39)

II Prakara, South Wall

Manmatha (1415 A.D.)

Eulogises the achievements of the king in a chronological sequence commencing with the cyclic year Parthiva equivalent to Saka 1327 and states that Uttama-Nambi was the recipient of several honors such as the parasol etc., from king Devaraya. 

The last verse refers to the consecration of the Garuda image by Chakraraja in Manmatha, Jyeshtha Sunday , Revati which corresponds to A.D. 1415, June 2, Sunday, [ba. 10, 75], 40. 

 No. 308 (Page No. 319)

(A. R. No. 90 of 1937-38)

Aryabhattal-Vasal, Inner Wall, Left of Entrance

No date

A verse in praise of Uttama-Nambi in Sanskrit language Grantha characters. 

No. 309 (Page No. 319)

(A. R. No. 119  of 1937-38 )

Nanmugan-Gopura, Inner wall, Right QF  Entrance

No date

The inscription is in Kannada engraved in Grantha characters. Registers a royal order (nirupa) to Chaudappa, the executive officer of Tiruchirappalli, to restore to Uttama – Nambi, the Sthanika of Srirangam, on a representation made by the latter, certain concessions granted to the Sthanikas of the place during the time of Hiriya-Sriuparasa, and in addition, to grant him the village of Nochchagarichi (Nochchikurichchi) along with some additional lands in another village as Sarvamanya  to be enjoyed by him in the same manner as it was being enjoyed in the days of Hiriya-Devaraya Maharaya and Vijayaraya-Maharaya. The order further enjoins the Parupatya  to execute all the directions Pertaining to the temple made by Uttama-Nambi. The present gift of lands were to be added on to an earlier royal gift of villages yielding 300 honnu made on the occasion of presenting (to the god) golden horses and chariot. In recognition of his long service, Uttama-Nambi is said to have been honored (by the king) with bracelet, gold and necklace and golden pinnacles (kalasa) to his house. 

No. 310 (Page No. 321)

(A. R. No. 121 of 1937-38 )

Nanmugan-vasal, Inner Wall

No date

Records a royal order in Kannada Written in Grantha, to Sriranga-Narayana-Jiyyar, Uttam-Nambi, and the Sthanikas of the temple that on the representation made to the king by Uttama-Nambi, a royal gift of land in the four villages Sundakkayi, Govattakkudi, Todaiyur and Karungulam, was made to Uttama-Nambi and his brother Chakraraya for a service instituted in the temple in the name of Devaraya Maharaya I and the brother were made the agents (karttas) of the temple, exempted from the payment of the jodi on the granted lands and remunerated in cash and in kind, in addition to an eighth share in the contributions to the temple from these villages. The record is not dated. 

No. 311 (Page No. 322)

(A. R. No. 84 of 1937-38)

Aryabhattal-Vasal, Inner wall-Right of Entrance

No date

States that Uttama-Nambiraya, the brother of Chakraraya, obtained from Praudha Devaraya (I) several honors like the royal umbrella, Ornaments, vehicles, etc., and the proprietory rights of administration in the temple. The record is in Sanskrit in Grantha characters. 

No. 312 (Page No. 323)

(A. R. No. 85 of 1937-38)

Aryabhattal-vasal, Inner wall-Right of Entrance

No date

Sanskrit in Grantha characters. A verse in Praise of Uttamaraya, brother of Chakraraya. 

No. 313 (Page No. 323)

(A. R. No. 82 of 1937-38)

Aryabhattal-Vasal, Inner wall-Right of Entrance

No date

In Sanskrit written in Grantha, and Tamil verses. Records the structural improvements made by  Chakraraya to the Annadi-Emberuman and the Maruti shrines and to the kitchen in the Ranganatha temple, and the colonization of the precincts of the temple of (Kattu) Alagiyasingar at Srirangam. The Sanskrit verses are said to be composed by Vyasabharati. The Tamil verses say that Chakraraya constructed a passage with nine pillars to the south of the Perumaltolan-tirumandapam and the tirukkavanappatti in the mandapa constructed by Uttamaraya, consecrated Maruti in the mandapa constructed by him in front of the shrine of Annadi-Emberuman and also consecrated Lakshmi in the porch near the entrance into the kitchen of the temple. 

No. 314 (Page No. 324)

(A. R. No. 80 of 1937-38)

III Prakara, Pillar, West Verandah

No date

In Tamil verse. States that a passage covered with nine pillars was constructed by Chakraraya to the south of Perumaltolan-tirumandapa. This is evidently another reference to one of the constructions recorded in No. 313 above. 

No. 315 (Page No. 324)

(A. R. No. 89 of 1937-38)

Aryabhattal-Vasal, Inner wall-Right of Entrance

No date

States in Tamil verse that the eight celestial elephant (ashta-dig-gajas) rested at the presenting (building ) of the eight elephant (in stone) by Chakraraya to the god; that the celestial elephant were held by the dikpalas lest they run away in fear of these (stone ) elephants.  

No. 316 (Page No. 324)

(A. R. No. 86 of 1937-38)

Aryabhattal-vasal, Inner wall

Saka 1327 (1405 A.D.)

Registers gift of cows and lands and a silver vessel by Sivandelundan-Samanttanar for providing food and milk offering to the god at the close of the services in the night. The details of date viz., Saka 1327, Parthiva, Arpasi 13, correspond to A.D.1405, October 11, Sunday. The occasion of the grant is stated to be the lunar eclipse, the year and month being not specified. 

No. 317 (Page No. 325)

(A. R. No. 352 of 1953-54)

Shrine of the Goddess Ranganayaki, North Wall

Sarvari (1420 A.D.)

Seems to record a grant of some land made free of taxes such as sungam, idaitturai, chekkutturai, olukkunirppattam, vil-panam, etc., in Nochchiyam, an amara-obuli village in Melaimuri in Vadakarai Malanadu for worship and offerings to the Nachchiyar by the king. The details of the date viz. Sarvari, Adi 1, falling in Devaraya I’s reign may be equated to 1420 A. D., June 28, but are insufficient for verification. 

No. 318 (Page No. 326)

(A. R. No. 338 of 1950-51)

II Prakara, South Wall, Proper left of Entrance, East side

(Below No. 52 of 1892)

Saka 1342 (1420 A.D.)

Registers a gift of 2 veli of land by purchase and measured by Ulavan in the village Melaimuri Mavadu- mangalam in Malanadu and 2 veli in Velvaykkudi for specified offerings to god after regular worship in the morning and 30 cows for a perpetual lamp by Mallanangal alias Madhavadasar, the pradhana at Chandragiri. The details of the date viz., Saka 1342, Sarvari, Karkataka, su 1, Thursday, Pusam correspond to 1420 A.D., July 11, Thursday  f.d.t. 02; 36. 

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