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Friday, December 29, 2006

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South Indian Inscriptions





(B. K. No. 143 of 1935-36)


Stone in the jaina Basti  Vikrama (?)—A.D. 1081

This inscription is dated in the 12th regnal year of Kadamba Chakravarthi  Vira[ma], Durmati,Kartika ba.5, Monday. This Vira[ma] may be a mistake for Vikrama.  In that case Vikrama will have to identified with the son of Jayasimha. It may be noted however that no inscription of this Vikrama has as yet been found and it is doubtful if he ruled at all. The details of the date may be equated with A.D. 1081, October 25,Monday. It may also be noted that Kirtideva who came after him has for him a date as early as 1068 A.D.

It record the death, by the rite of samathi, of Bhogave, the wife of Tippisetti sataya. She is stated to be the lay disciple of Sakalachandra bhattaraka belongings to Desi-gana, pustaka-gachehha, and Kondakunda-anvaya.

No. 250

(B.K.No.65 of  1935-36)


Hero stone set up in the temple of Ramesvara Tailapa

The inscription  which refers itself to Tailahadeva ruling from Naraymangal is dated in the 2nd year of his reign, prajapati, su. Purnima, Monday.

The name Tailaha suggest that he belonged to the family of the Kadambas of Hangal. But the 2nd year of none of the Tailahas of this family coincided with the cyclic year prajapathi.

It records a grant of land at Kakere  made by Bammagauda, in honour of his father who died in a raid made by Tailaha on Ballabidu in course of his attack on Huritigi-nadu, the fort of which was in charge of a certain Sovarasa.



(B.K.No.145 of 1935-36)


Broken slab set up Tirumaladeva temple [Kava]deva

The date of this inscription is the 1st regnal year of [Kava]deva, pingala, Magha su. 5,Monday. But this date dose not correspond to the 1st year of Kavadeva. Since the record is much damaged, it is difficult to make out the exact name of the king.

It records the death, apparently by a rite, of a certain Marakave, a lay disciple of a Jaina ascetic.

No. 252

(B.K.No.121 of  1938-39)


Slab set up in front of the temple of Kallesvara, outside the village Sivachitta-permadi-A.D.1171

This inscription referring to the rule of Sivachitta-permadi is dated in his  25th regnal year, khara, Pusya su. 14, Monday, Uttarayana-samkaraati. The given Pusya su. 14 fell on Monday but there was no samkranthi on that day. Pusya ba.14 also fell on Monday but the samkaranti occurred on the previous day. Taking the latter to be the intended date, the details may be equated to A.D. 1171, December 27,Monday.  

It records a grant of land to god Kalideva of sasala in palasige nadu. A grant made by a certain Kumara Mallayya for the worship and –offerings to Toreyadeva, is also recorded.

The record states that sivachitta-permadi was governing  Konana 900 and palasege 12,000, from his capital at chandrapura. Eulogistic account of the exploits of sivachitta’s son permadi and Vijayaditya is given. kumara Mallayya is described as the favorite disciple of vijayaditya. 

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