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No. 424

(A. R. No.424 of 1906)

Tirunelveli District, Tirunelveli Taluk, Manur.

Ambalavanasvami Temple – On A Second Pillar Inside The Temple

Tribh. Konerinmaikondan – 2 + 1st Year.

This registers an order of the king making a gift about two veli of land at Mananilainallur in Kalakkuki-nadu to the temple of Kulasekhara-Vinnagar-Alvar at Karuvanallur alias  Vikrama Pandyanallur in the same nadu, at the request of (minister) Kalingarayar, to meet the expenses of worship and offerings connected with the service called the Manamperiyan-sandi instituted in the latter’s name in the temple. Kalingarayar is referred to as a native of Ponparri near Pullurkudi in Naduvirkuru a division of Milalaik-kurram. The land is said to have been hitherto a vettiyan jivitam but now converted into an iraiyili-devadana with the karanmai (tenancy) right granted to the Sabha of Mananilainallur, the kadamai and all other dues going to the temple. The record seems to be assignable to king Maravarman Kulasedhara  I. 

No. 431

(A. R. No. 431 of 1906)

Tirunelveli District, Srivaikuntham Taluk, Murappanadu.

Vedanarayana Perumal Temple – On The North Wall Of The Central Shrine.

Tribh. Konerinmaikondan – 11th +1st Year.

This is an incomplete inscription which might be ascribed to Maravarman Sundara-Pandya  II. It states that at the request of minister Malavarayan, the king granted the taxes due to him on ¾ veli and one ma and half of land at Manikudi, a hamlet of Srivallabhamangalam in Kilkalak-kurram, which was in the enjoyment of a certain Ali Villavadaraiyan of Valugar, to the temple of Somideva-vinnagar-alvar at Somideva-chaturvedimangalalm, a brahmadeya in Murappu-nadu for the requirements of worship to the deity. The consolidated dues payable on the land both for the kar and pasanam crops are given as [2] kalam, 1 tuni and 1 padakku of paddy on every ma of land (wet) and 2 diramam on every ma of (dry) land growing sesamum, millet, etc. 


No. 432

(A. R. No. 432 of 1906)

Tirunelveli District, Srivaikuntham, Murappanadu.

Vedanarayana Perumal Temple – On The Same Wall.

Tribh. Konerinmaikondan

The inscription is mutilated. It seems to record an order of the king to the Sabha of Somideva-chaturvedimangalam authorizing them to collect every year from the temple of Tirunelveli-udaiyar, 140 kalam of paddy evidently due to the royal treasury as taxes, to make up for the deficiency in the amount required for the celebration of a ten-day festival in the temple of Vedanayakar. Mention is made of a certain Yadavasimha-bhattan of Prandur who had the right of worship in the temple, and to whom this paddy was to be made over towards the expenses of the festival. Reference is also made to a donor by name Aranganambi, a Malayala brahmana but the nature of his gift is not clear. Palandiparayan and Pallavarayan are two of the signatories at the end.

No. 433

(A. R. No. 433 of 1906)

Tirunelveli District, Srivaikuntham, Murappanadu.

Vedanarayana Perumal Temple – On The South Wall Of The Central Shrine.

Tribh. Konerinmaikondan.

This inscription is also mutilated and incomplete. It states that a piece of land at Murappu-nadu alias Somideva-chaturvedimangalam which had been assigned as karanmai to Ali Villavadaraiyan of Valugur with the kadamai thereon being paid to the (Siva) temple of Yogisvaram-udaiyar at the place was transferred by Venadudaiyan without the consent of the former, to the temple of Vedanayaka-vinnagar-alvar. As compensation for the same, Venadudaiyar now purchased ¾ veli and one ma of land at Manakkudi, the eastern hamlet of Srivallabhamangalam, and made it over as karanmai to Villavadaraiyar and the kadamai to the Alvar temple. This is evidently the same land that is mentioned in No. 431 above. 

No. 434

(A. R. No. 434 of 1906)

Tirunelveli District, Srivaikuntham, Murappanadu.

Vedanarayana Perumal Temple – On The North – West And South Walls Of The Central Shrine.

Tribh. Konerinmaikondan --- 11th Year And 493rd Day.

This records a royal order issued at the request of Malavaryan and addressed to the authorities of the temple of Somideva-vinnagar-alvar newly constructed on the banks of the Tanporundam (Tamraparni) river by Araiyan puvan Venadudaiyar of Kilai-Kodumalur alias Madurodaiyanallur, making over certain lands at the place as tax-free devadana, after acquiring them from their pervious owners to meet the requirements of offerings and worship in the temple. This seems to have some connection with No. 433 above.

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