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No. 395

(A. R. No. 395 of 1906)

Tiruchirapalli District, Pudukkottai State, Tirumayyam.

Satyagirinatha-Perumal Temple – On The Same Wall

Jat. Tribh. Parakrama-Pandyadeva 5+7th Year.

The details of date given as [Kunbha], ba. 12, Sunday, Uttiradam correspond to A.D. 1369, February 4, according to Kiel horn (Ep.Ind Vol IX p.225). This records the sale of the (tenancy) rights over some pieces of land by Siraladevar Munaiyadaraiyar Makkanayinan of Melur in Kana-nadu alias Virudaraja-bhayankara-valanadu to one Tiruvudaiyar Piravikkunallar of Kulamangalam in Melai Iraniyamutta-nadu said to be a tiruvudaiyattam of Nayanar Alagar, for 200 panam, which was the amount he had to pay to the latter as ‘marriage money’ for marrying his sister Kanaviniyar. He is stated to have also sold his rights over some other lands for 540 panam presumably for meeting the other expense of his marriage like the presentation of angabhu shaman to the bride and similar items. These kaniyatchi lands comprised a tiruvidaiyattam land of Nayanar Tirumeyya-Malaiyalan, one of Emberumal, and a devadana land of god Pilliyar of local shrine. The others belonged to private individuals. 

No. 396

(A .R. No. 396 of 1906)

Tiruchirapalli District, Pudukkottai State, Tirumayyam.

Satyagirinatha-Perumal Temple – On The Same Wall.

Jat. Tribh. Parakrama-Pandyadeva 5+7th Year. 

This registers the alienation in favour of his son Siraladevan of the kaniyatchi rights with all their appurtenances on a certain specified tiruvidaiyattam (and other?) lands at Melsarkulam, Devimangalam and Melur, and two houses in the latter two places, together with a number of slaves, by Siraladevan Munaiyadaraiyan Makkanayan of Melur in Kana-nadu. As this person who now makes a gift to his son, of some of his possessions, has figured in No. 395 above, which is of the same date as the present inscription, it is to be understood that his contemplated marriage to in that record was a later and second one. 


No. 397

(A. R. No. 397 of 1906)

Tiruchirapalli District, Pudukkottai State, Tirumayyam.

Satyagirinatha-Perumal Temple – On The Same Wall.

This is dated merely in the cyclic year Raudri without giving its Saka equivalent. It records a decision of Dalavay Vaiyappa-Nayakkar, the agent of Timmappa-Nayakkar, and the managers of the temple of Tirumeyyam Malaiyalan that the income from Irunjiraiyur which was a tiruvikaiyattam  village of the god was to be utilized (in future solely) for the repairs of the temple. 

No. 398

(A. R. No. 398 of 1906)

Tiruchirapalli District, Pudukkottai State, Tirumayyam.

Sathyagirinatha-Perumal Temple – On The Same Wall

The inscription is damaged. It records the endowment of the village Kottaiyur renamed Raghunathapuram for the conduct of the early morning service in the temple of Alagiyameyyar at Tirumeyyam by Solaiyappa-Pillai [Gan*] gaivadiya-Pillai of Vanaraviran-Madurai, for the merit of Tirumalai Setupatikatta  Dalavay Raghunatha-Narendra. This is dated in the same year as No. 394 above, and is additional to the gift mentioned therein. The donor is said to have purchased the lands at Kottaiyur from the mahajanas of the place and having reclaimed them from their wild and fallow condition, settled several Vellalas in the place for their cultivation, before making this grant to the temple. 

No. 399

(A. R. No. 399 of 1906)

Tiruchirapalli District, Pudukkottai State, Tirumayyam

Satyagirinatha-Perumal Temple – On The South Wall Of The Mandapa.

Krishnadeva-Maharaya – Saka 1444. The details of the date are given as Chitrabhanu, Uttarayana, Makara – Sankramana. (= AD. 1522, December 28).

The inscription registers a sarvamanya grant made to the two temples of Alagiyameyyar (Vishnu) and Tirumeyyadevar (Siva) at Tirumeyyam in Kana-nadu, by Chellappa Vira Narasingaraya – Nayakkar (The kings viceroy in the south), of all the lands in the village which had been lying as Pandaravadai (except those which had been already endowed as tiruvidaiyattam or devadana). As was the case with regard to all lands possessed by these two temples in common, the income derived from the present lands was also to be shared by them in the proportion of three and two respectively.

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