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No. 9 (Page No 5)

(A. R. No. 9 of 1906)

Salem District, Namakkal Taluk, Namakkal.

Ranganatha Temple on the hill-on the (Inner) Wall of the

Central ShrineTribh.  Rajarajadeva-30th Year 

This is an incomplete inscription recording the consecration of god Veda-nayaka-Perumal and the endowment of some land for worship in the temple, by a chief named Angarayan belonging to the Pullai Vettuvar (?) community, who had the titles Narkaveri-Nadal van Desi Alappirandan and Mummudisola-chakravartti. 

No. 32(Page No 26)

(A. R. No. 32 of 1906)

Tanjavur District, Mayuram Taluk, Tirukkadaiyur

Amritaghatesvara Temple-On The South Wall Of The First Prakara 

Tribh.  Rajarajadeva (III)-18th Year  (A.D. 1233-34) 

This gives a comprehensive list of the lamps which had been donated to the temple of Kalakaladevar at Tirukkadavur op to the 18th year of the king, and for which lands had been endowed at Manarkunru in the devadana village Erukkattu-chcheri by various persons. The list of the donors includes such names as (1) tiruchchirrambalammm-udaiyan Perumanambiyar alias Pallavarayar of Karigai-kulattur in Sirukunra-nadu of Amur-kottam in Jayangondasola-mandalam, (2) Kuttadum-devar alias Kalappalarayar of Tiruvenkadu, (3) Veadavnamudaiyan Ammaiyappan of Palaiyanur in Melmalai-Palaiyanur-nadu of Jayangondasola-manadalam, (4) Tillai Nayakan Rajarajadevan of Kurralam in Pattinakkuram of Geyamanikka-valanadu, (5) Adittan Rajendrasolanar Karanai Vi1upparaiyar of perunallur and (6) Adittan tiruvegambamudauyan Virarajendra Pallavaraiyar of Nava’ur, in addition to many others.

 No. 33 (Page No 26)

(A. R. No. 33 of 1906)

Tanjavur District, Mayuram Taluk, Tirukkadaiyur

Amritaghatesvara Temple-On The Same Wall

Tribh. Rajarajadeva III – 21st Year (A.D. 1236-37) 

This registers an agreement among the adaippar and the kudimakkal of erukkattuchcheri which is called a tirunandavilakkuppuram village of the temple of kalakaladevar, that they would burn 3 lamps in the temple from the 21st year on wards of the king in token of their grateful appreciation of the help rendered to them by Araiyan Aludaiyan [Nangura] Ivar of Sigar in Puliyurnadu a division of arumolideva-valanadu. During his administration as Pillai Kaikkanakkanar he is said to have got them exemption from viniyogam and attended to all their needs. Without stint and also further restored to them after diligent search some charter of privilege in original which had been granted to them in the 13th year of  ‘Periyadevar’and which he now passed on to the palace through the village watchman as charter of security to the village. 

No. 52 (Page No 48)

(A. R. No. 52 of 1906)

Tanjavur District, Mayuram Taluk, Tirukkadaiyur

Amritaghatesvara Temple –On The North Wall Of The Sundaresvara Shrine

Tribh. Rajarajadeva (III)-10th Year, 299th Day (A.D. 1225-26) 

This records an order of the king, issued through his Secretary Minavan-muvendavelan and other officers, granting the ulvari (entry in Tax-Register) for 13 veli of land presented by him tax-free in the village Podimangalam in Kurumbur-nadu, to the temple of Tiruvirattanam-udaiyar at Tirukkadavur, for the merit of his queen (tribhuvanmulududaiyal)

 No. 72 (Page No 69)

(A. R. NO. 72 of 1906)

South Arcot District, Tirukkoyilur Taluk, Jambai

Jambunatha Temple-On The North And West

Walls Of The Central Shrine

Tribh. Rajarajadeva (III)-28th Year (A.D. 1239-40) 

This records to the gift of a village called Mananduruyyanallur as devadana for offerings, worship and repairs in the temple of Tantonri-Aludaiya-Nayanar at Sanbai alias Virarajendrapuram in Vanagappadi by mahamandalesvara Kumara padu-Madevasrasan, who exempted the gift-village even from the antarayam (rent?).

 No. 90 (Page No 84)

(A. R. No. 90 of 1906)

South Arcot District, Tirukkoyilur Taluk, Jambai

Jambunatha Temple-On The North Wall Of The Mandapa

In Front Of The Central Shrine Rajarajadeva-16th Year 

The details of date are given as Tula, su.10, Sunday, Svati, which yield the equivalent A.D. 1232, October 24.  The Nakshatra was Sadayam on this date. The inscription is built in at the beginning of the lines. It records a gift of 500 kuli of land at Tamittanallur in Meykunra-nadu belonging to Vanavichchadaravelan, as tax-free devadana for the requirements of offerings to goddess Tirukkamakkottattu-alagiyanachchiyar in the temple of Tantonri-Aludaiyanayanar at Sendai alias Virarajendrasolapuram in Vanagoppadi-nadu by Marundalvanayan [of Perayur?].

No. 245  (Page No 194)

(A. R. No. 245 of 1906)

North Arcot District, Cheyyar Taluk, Tiruppanangadu.

Siva Temple – On The Same Wall.

Tribh. Rajarajadeva  (III) –18th Year (A.D. 1233-34)

This records a gift of 32 cows for a perpetual lamp in the temple of Tiruppanangadudaiyar by Niranindan alias Sedirayan, a resident of Urandaiyur (near Panamgudi?) in Rajaraja-valanadu, a division of Solamandalam, who is called a kanmi (agent?) of Sambugarayar. 

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