y are they scoffing at Hinduism?

Why is Sri Jayendra Saraswati being persecuted? Is it because his disciples don't take out violent marches and destroy public property? USHA KRIS urges President Abdul Kalam to step in and save him from further torment 

President of India,
Shri Abdul Kalam,
New Delhi.


Most respected Sir,

We are a group of Tamil speaking Indians from Chennai.  The present course of events have pained us and left us feeling helpless.  In a Hindu country, a Hindu religious leader has been in prison for 2 months without proof, and upon his release, his junior has been arrested.  As we are not the group to incite violence or march protests in public disrupting life or destroying public property, we feel that the country’s leaders have opted to look the other way.

We have had great admiration for you, for your background in the sciences, and your courage of conviction in your self: your love of the common Indian is well known.  Hence we are appealing to you.  We have no one to turn to or anywhere else where we will be heard.

His Holiness Shri Jayendra Saraswathi is our guru, our Hindu spiritual leader.  He has integrated with people from all walks of life thus breaking the traditions of the centuries old Mutt.  His good work is known far and wide, and He is respected by one and all.

On the political side, in Tamil Nadu, there has been a tirade against the Hindu Gods from EVR’s times.  There was a conscious fight to push certain sections of society out.  Those students went to Pilani, IIT, and on to greener pastures in the UK and the USA.  These highly successful people turned to their country and religious institutions like the Kanchee Mutt contributed both time and money with an unsurpassed generosity.  For the Tamil speaking population, The Guru they found in Jayendra Saraswathi was well justified.

With increasing funds, they became the point of attention of the present leaders.  At this point I would like to mention that the HR&CE board has access to all temple funds.  All Hindu temple lands are much sought after for some reason be it in the name of the recently devastating tsunami, or another.  All the monies from the Hundies are questionably dispersed.  In such a time, the very life of our Hindu leader is at stake, and all of Hinduism is being targeted.  Innocent people are tyrannized for wanting to pay respects to their leader.  There is no freedom to pray to Siva to grant His Holiness release from the dictators.  People are in fear and dare not visit Kalavai or Kancheepuram where the Seers are.  The Law and Order for Tamil Nadu is to slap the Goonda Act on law-abiding citizens, and anyone who dares voice their opinion.  Is this Democracy?  Is there any freedom of speech?  When they question the activities of the Mutt, are they the controllers of the nation's moral and ethical values?  When they accuse the practices of the Mutt, do they have a right to openly scoff at Hinduism and its Gods and religious leaders?  It is better to be a minority religion in this country.  It is not safe for Hindus any more.  I pray, I want to know why is everyone looking the other way?


In sorrow,


Usha Kris,

5, Beach Road,

Kalakshetra Colony,

Chennai 600 090.  India.

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