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History is replete with stories of great saints and prophets being tormented and tortured. Why does truth prevail only after it is crushed, wonders SUNIL FOTEDAR 

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December 2, 2004 

History reminds us of great saints and prophets being tortured and tormented. It also reminds us of the miseries that great souls have gone through. There has been evil in all eras and there has been a messiah who has had it for 'truth to prevail'. It's deplorable that we are part of an era where truth is tortured and justice is denied for the sake of political mileage.

Jesus had no particular quarrel with Rome and did not violate Roman law. And yet he was punished by the Romans in accordance with Roman law, and executed by a means exclusively reserved for those guilty of crimes against the empire. What he received was a "cruel and unusual" punishment, calculated to give the maximum amount of suffering. The Roman practice adhered to a very precise procedure. First a flogging and weakening by loss of blood. Then outstretched arms fashioned by throngs or nails to a heavy wooden beam, which the victim carried across his neck and shoulders to the place of execution.

It's an act of disgrace and disgust to disregard His Holiness Swami Jayendra Saraswati, one of the four main Hindu pontiffs, who has millions of followers in India and abroad. Everyone knows that truth prevails but why does it prevail only after it is crushed? Why is it difficult to overcome Satan? Why is it that we realize our mistakes only after committing a blunder? Why is God being punished for creating this world?
Our heart bleeds for our beloved Mahatma. He has been a pillar of our religious virtues and will continue to remain so. His humbleness and his blessings have strengthened the foundations of our religion. Swami jayendra Saraswati has done so many years of yoga sadhna. He has not eaten anybody else’s food preparation for the last 50 years. The media is giving wrong information about the acharya eating jail food.

Let us all pray for the good health and speedy release of His Holiness Swami Jayendra Saraswati.


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