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Monday, October 30, 2006

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Business and Economy
  • 10% Growth Can Remove Poverty
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he hoped that the Indian economy will grow at 10% in the “near future" and that this “rapid growth” will in “10 to 20 years” will “remove the ancient scourge of poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment.”

  • Slow Inflow of Imported Wheat
    Ministry of Agriculture disclosed that about 2 million tons (mt) or 40% of the ordered 5.5 mt will reach India by mid-November at various ports—Mumbai, Chennai, Visakhapatanam, Kandla, and Mundhra.

Democracy, Politics and Judiciary

Environment, Health and Education

  • MCS Tracks Turtle Migration to TN
    The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has successfully tracked tagged endangered green turtles (Chelonian mydas) through satellites from Southern Sri Lanka to the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, a protected area off  Tamil Nadu (TN).<More>

  • High Infant Mortality in Bihar: UNICEF Survey
    A survey conducted by UNICEF estimates that about 400 infants below the age of 1 with 2/3rds of those children within a month die every day in Bihar due to causes that could be easily prevented through simple intervention programs.<More>

  • China Rejects Media Reports on Brahmaputra Dam
    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao refuted media reports saying that China has “no plans” to divert billions of cubic feet of water from the Brahmaputra (Yalung Zangbo) to the Yellow River to feed rain-starved areas of the North.<More>

Terrorism, Defense, Security and Science & Technology
  • Internal Security Concerns to the Fore
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned the country that focusing on external aggression reduces awareness and focus on internal security which is far more dangerous because of the number of threats and causes and the effort that is required to defeat them.<More>

  • Indo-US Anti-Terrorism Exercises
    As part of the ongoing “Malabar” series of exercises, Indian and US Navies will practice expeditionary maneuvers off the Konkan coast in addition to a simulated joint semi-urban anti-terrorism exercise by in Belgaum, Karnataka.<More>


  • Russia Disagrees with Iran Draft
    While insisting that it wants to “eliminate the risks of sensitive technologies” flowing to Iran, Russia opposed a European draft resolution calling sanctions against Iran because it wanted to maintain “all possible channels of communication.”<More>

  • Impact of China’s Dam on NE & SE Asia
    Reacting to recent media reports that China is planning to construct a dam across the Brahmaputra and divert 200 billion cubic meters of water into the Yellow River, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi notified Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on its impact.<More>


  • India, Japan to Boost Ties
    With 2007 being considered for designation as Japan-Indian Friendship Year, India and Japan are planning to boost their bilateral relations to realize its “full potential” by enhancing “strategic orientation” of their “global partnership.”<More>

  • Sudan Expels UN Envoy over Blog
    Looking for an excuse to rid the UN of its soil to pursue its unholy war on innocent ethnic Africans, Sudan expelled UN envoy for authoring a blog that reported a serious Sudanese army reversal in fighting insurgents in Northern Darfur.<More>

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South Indian Inscriptions

Ancient Indian dynasties documented their administration, significant developments, grants, and milestones as inscriptions in temples. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has documented these inscriptions from 1886. These pages contain inscriptions from Pallava, Chola, Pandya, Western Chalukya, Eastern Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Hoyasala, Vijayanagara, Vishnukundin, Kakatiya, Reddi, Vaidumba, Chinda, Eastern Ganga, Gajapathi, Kalchurya, Qutb-Shahi of Golkonda, and Moghul,  dynasties.

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