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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Veerappan, India's most notorious fugitive has consistently foiled efforts to capture him, but his life on the run was finally ended in a hail of bullets in the jungle he haunted for decades.  Sandalwood smuggler, elephant poacher, and kidnapping brigand of the Indian forests.

Negotiations with Veerappan, through the intermediary of journalist appeared to be at the point of achieving the release of the hostages when the Indian Supreme Court intervened on September 3 to block the release of detainees proposed by the State Governments.  The strident tone of the court's decision to indefinitely stay the release of 30 of Veerappan's associates by the Karnataka State Government makes it clear that sections of the ruling class are clearly concerned at the precedent that would be set elsewhere in India.


A tip-off that he was hiding near the village of Paparapatti in the Dharmapuri region, police moved in numbers.  After a 20-minute gun battle, they put an end to a chapter of smuggling & violence.


Third and final flood alert issued to people in Kerala (Storage Level Crosses 136 Feet In Periyar Dam , Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 31, 2007)

The widow of India's most notorious bandit, Veerappan, says she wants the courts to ban a new television series portraying the life of her husband. (Indian Bandit Widow Seeks Tv Ban , British Broadcasting Corporation, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 13, 2007)

Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has put on hold a proposal to condone high hydrogen cyanide (HCN) content in sago. (Karunanidhi Puts Proposal On Hold, Hindu, S. RAMESH, Oct 12, 2007)

Muthulakshmi, the widow of slain forest brigand Veerappan, today made an emotional appeal to PMK-affiliated Tamil satellite channel Makkal TV not to telecast a serial made on the life of her husband, saying it would cause psychological . . . . (Plea To Stop Veerappan Serial, Statesman, Correspondent or Reporter, Oct 10, 2007)

As a hugely profitable business the world over, illegal trade in wildlife is growing while the rate of conviction for the crime remains low. (Hunt For Profit, Frontline, Correspondent or Reporter, Sep 14, 2007)

The Veerappan story ended on October 18, 2004, when the Tamil Nadu Special Task Force (STF) planted in his gang undercover cops who had him ambushed and killed while pretending to drive him to hospital for treatment. (The Veerappan Story , The Economic Times, Correspondent or Reporter, Sep 12, 2007)

A senior Railway Ministry official said a suitable date has to be fixed for a meeting of both the CMs with the Railway Minister. (Pm Asks Lalu To Convene Meeting Of Cms, Deccan Herald, Correspondent or Reporter, Aug 28, 2007)

Tamil Nadu Minister Veerapandi S Arumugam, along with DMK volunteers, on squatted on the rail tracks here when the Kochi bound Gorakhpur Express arrived at Salem junction, demanding creation of Salem division of the southern railway, as scheduled . . . . (Creation Of Salem Division: Dmk Minister Leads Rail Roko , New Indian Express, Correspondent or Reporter, Aug 25, 2007)

Agriculture Minister Veerapandi S. Arumugam has announced an indefinite blockade of all trains to and from Kerala passing through Salem from August 25 until the Centre clears the inauguration of the Salem Railway Division, scheduled for September 14. (Salem Division: Minister Threatens Stir, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Aug 23, 2007)

The controversy over creation of a railway division in Salem, which resulted in a verbal duel between MPs from Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the Lok Sabha, has now taken an ugly turn with a senior Tamil Nadu minister today announcing that all trains . . . . . (Kerala-Tn Trains To Be Blocked: Minister , Tribune, Arup Chanda, Aug 23, 2007)

A notorious bandit has been shot dead by police in India after evading them for more than 30 years, police say. (Notorious Indian Bandit 'Killed' , British Broadcasting Corporation, Correspondent or Reporter, Jul 24, 2007)

Police shot dead India’s most wanted bandit yesterday, ending the 30-year reign of a criminal hailed by poor villagers in the north as the country’s modern-day Robin Hood. (India's Robin Hood Is Shot Dead After 30 Years On Run, Times Online (UK), Correspondent or Reporter, Jul 24, 2007)

Police shot dead India’s most wanted bandit yesterday, ending the 30-year reign of a criminal hailed by poor villagers in the north as the country’s modern-day Robin Hood. (30 Year Reign Of India's Robin Hood Ends, Times Online (UK), Correspondent or Reporter, Jul 23, 2007)

The Uttar Pradesh Police on Sunday shot dead Dadua, who senior officers said was India's most wanted bandit carrying a reward money of Rs.500,000 on his head. (India's Most Wanted Bandit Killed With 10 Gang Members, New Indian Express, Correspondent or Reporter, Jul 23, 2007)

Protesters condemn looting of four houses in Agumbe They demand protection to people in the region (Bjp Demands Steps To Contain Naxalite Activities In Malnad , Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Jul 17, 2007)

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered status quo in a case registered against AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa on the directions of the Madras High Court for allegedly filing nominations from four constituencies in violation of the provisions of the . . . (Nomination Filing: Sc Breather For Jayalalithaa, Indian Express, Correspondent or Reporter, Jul 11, 2007)

S Prabhu takes you on a trip to cover the 12 temples around Tirunelveli called 'Divya Desams', with each one having a story to narrate. (In The Holy Courtyard, Deccan Herald, Correspondent or Reporter, Jul 09, 2007)

The Tamil Nadu Government on Thursday roped in Additional Director General of Police K Vijayakumar to track down suspected Maoists, preparing for arms training in forests in Tamil Nadu. (Veerappan Cop To Go After Maoists, Indian Express, JAYA MENON, Jul 06, 2007)

Rs. 118 crore allotted for providing computer education: Minister (Government To Provide Furniture For Schools Built With Nabard Assistance , Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Jun 28, 2007)

The breathtakingly lifelike statue of Gommateshwara cradled in enchanting natural scenery is well worth the steep, 200-step ascent to this awe-inspiring structure. (Splendour In Stone, Hindu, Correspondent or Reporter, Jun 25, 2007)


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