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 From July 06, 2007 to July 12, 2007

There Is Magic Everywhere

Magic, sorcery, ‘jhaad phoonk’, call it what you will, a different Hyderabad lives, breathes and believes in a world of impossible possibilities different from Rowling’s world . . . . .

Romance By The Taj

It is official now and the Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world – like we needed some online poll to tell us what we already knew.

Deadbeat Detroit

FROM across the river, the Detroit skyline looks like that of any other American city.

‘I Like Countryside More Than Cities’

I have travelled a lot since my modelling days for work and nothing gives me more pleasure than taking off on a holiday and just relaxing.

Cheerful Meal With Cheetahs

No one told us it was mating season. Three minutes into the Artis Zoo, our very excited three-year-old screamed, "Those elephants are trying to leap-frog, mama" much to the delight of the young, gay couple beside us who collapsed, giggling.

Untouched Beauty Of Bhutan Touches Soul

Few people know about Bhutan. And even fewer have seen it. Tourists all around the world call it Shangri-La.

On A Mystical Expedition

Badrinath Take a trip to this pilgrim hub, and find your senses rejuvenated.

Tourists Make A Beeline To Srisailam

Authorities lift seven floodgates to a height of 14 ft to release 2.40 lakh cusecs of water.


More than 300 years ago, a band of Moplah (Kerala Muslim) fishermen and traders settled in the Lakshadweep islands.

Romance By The Taj

Oberoi Hotels and Resorts offers an opportunity for couples to rediscover togetherness.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Ranganathittu A short-stay home for over 25,000 migratory birds during the nesting season, writes KAUSALYA SANTHANAM .

The Many Themes Of Kota Bharu

Hugh and Colleen Gantzer are particularly enchanted, among other things in Kota Bharu in Malaysia, by a very special type of batik where they use real leaves to give outlines that make every piece unique.

A Forest And Its People

As conservation efforts are set in motion, a look at how people living around the Arabuko Sokoke Forest in Kenya cope.

Village Of Birds

A visit to Kokkrebellur leaves one wondering about the strange kinship between birds and humans. Akber Ayub.

Straddling The Past And The Future

The Hop-on Hop-off coach tour of Kuala Lumpur has 22 stops, taking one through 42 major tourist attractions that showcase the city’s tremendous growth and transformation over the years.

Travel Deal

Sri Lankan Airlines offers monsoon package that includes two nights in Colombo and three nights in Singapore (Rs. 22,599) or Thailand (Rs. 20, 599) or Malaysia (Rs. 25,199).

Waiting For The Wild

Keeriparai If you are lucky you could spot a leopard. If not, trek in Nature’s company, says SOMA BASU

The Indescribable Beauty Of Tawang

Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh has all the ugly trappings of a small hill station - loud Hindi music, street side food stalls, STD booths and Sumo taxis. But step out of the main street and the beauty of the place is surreal, writes N S Vinodh.

On Top Of The World In Jungfrau

B V Prakash gets high on Jungfrau, a tall and beautiful peak in the Bernese Oberland mountain plateau of Switzerland.

Alt Kind Of Strokes

Marianne de Nazareth looks at the acquarelles of Austrian artist Rudolf von Alt, paintings done with transparent water colours.

In The Holy Courtyard

S Prabhu takes you on a trip to cover the 12 temples around Tirunelveli called 'Divya Desams', with each one having a story to narrate.

Sri Lanka Beckons

SriLankan Airlines offers three packages to Negombo, Colombo and Bentota.

A Different Show For The Viewers

‘Not Your Average Travel Guide’ on Discovery Travel & Living takes you through exciting cities of the world.

On The Trail Of The Tusker

It took us five hours to reach Kabini by road, just in time for a sumptuous lunch laid out at the Kabini River Lodge.

My Kind Of Place

When in Goa, the land of gorgeous beaches, I am lost. Lost in my own world. That’s how I like to be on the days I don’t need to get up looking at the clock.

Shop Till You Drop In Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and Visa International have collaborated to promote the Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2007, which is on till August 31.

Flower Power

You have to visit Sikkim just to see the variety of orchids on display at a show.

Nature’s Own Portrait

At an altitude of over 1950 mt, it was Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams that replayed in my mind. The short-film Crows in particular, where an art student finds himself inside the vibrant world of Van Gogh’s p ainting.

Call Of The Wild

With the start of a night safari at Kambalakonda Eco-Tourism Park, one can get to experience the thrill of roaming in the wild.

Destination Adventure

Want to climb the walls of a volcano or swim with dolphins? Then visit New Zealand.

Ripples In The Heart

If the sweltering heat is getting on to your nerves and you don’t have the budget or the time to scale the heights of Manali and beyond, Nainital is a cool option.

On The Trail Of The Tusker

It took us five hours to reach Kabini by road, just in time for a sumptuous lunch laid out at the Kabini River Lodge.

For Students

Thomas Cook has launched U Special, an offer for students who are travelling overseas for higher studies.

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