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aturday September 29, 2007


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From, September 23, 2007 to September 29, 2007 

Q&a: 'Our Credibility Is Doubted To A Certain Degree'

The Chinese official multimedia news agency, Xinhua, boasts 75 million stories and two million photographs in its kitty, the largest Chinese media database in the world.

Harry Potters Success Is Due To Its Universal Theme

The multifaceted Coelho, who has been associated with Hindi cinema and television as a screenplay writer, was the brain behind Indias first writers cooperative Kalamkari.

‘Higher Rupee Both Problem And Opportunity For Exporters’

The Government will work towards a level playing field but exporters must use the strong rupee as an opportunity for greater efficiency and cost consciousness.

Gm Food For Thought

At least for the next few months, consumers in India will not know whether they are eating imported processed food that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Three Signs Of Imminent Fall

Only one in four acquisitions succeed in creating shareholder value, says Mr Chris Zook, author of Unstoppable (Harvard Business School Press, May 2007), citing a seven-year study conducted by Bain & Company, a global business and strategy . . . ..

India’s ‘Rising Profile’ In East Asia

Besides the nuclear deal, India’s identity in East Asia, widely believed to be the next big theatre in world politics, is traceable to economic diplomacy and some basic strategic thinking.

Darfur Crisis: A View From The Inside

Jan Pronk, senior Dutch politician and statesman who is a Professor at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, was head of the U.N. Mission in Sudan.

Q&a: 'If You Don't Enjoy Work, You Don't Enjoy Life'

To describe him as a powerhouse of ideas, motivations and impulses would be understating the high-octane energy level of Dev Anand.

It Is In Our Hands To Minimise Extinction

Natural systems are in turmoil with human numbers growing at alarming rates. By the end of this century, we homo-sapiens will wipe out more than 10 million species with desertification and climate change happening at such an alarming rate.

‘Government Should Have Stood By ASI’

Suraj Bhan, who taught archaeology at Kurukshetra University, is a member of the Central Advisory Board of Archaeology of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

“India Has Been Impressive In Applying Space Technology To Development”

India is a world leader in using remote-sensing systems and technology for addressing basic problems associated with human development and food security.

‘There’S No Dev Anand Style. If You Like Yourself, You Will Conquer. That’s Self-Confidence’

My guest this week is perhaps one of the most durable romantics of our time, in fact, of five generations — the most cheerful, the eternal and really wonderful Dev Anand.

“No Reservation Over Nuclear Deal”

Song Min-soon, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea, outlines his country’s emerging equation with India in the context of its move for securing the support of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

'I Won't Call Indian Fashion Designers Creative'

Like the discourse of a philosopher, the discourse of fashion should emerge from a creative mind, which can be gradually democratised - so thinks the French fashion commentator, founder of fashion company L’Eclaireur, and organiser of fashion fare . . . .

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