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aturday July 14, 2007


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                                                                                                                   From, July 08, 2007 to July 14, 2007 

West Wars Worse Than Terror Attacks: Jamaat

M A Shariff, vice-president, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (Karnataka and Goa zone), spoke to R Krishnakumar of Deccan Herald on a host of topics pertinent to Islam, with the UK attack as a reference point.

Pharmacy Retail Is Teething

As retail chains become the norm in industry today, corporates have been quick to tap opportunities in pharmacy retail.

Q&a: 'Perfection Impossible In Medicine, But Own Up Error'

Atul Gawande is adept with the knife as well as the pen. While his first book Complications got critical acclaim, in Better:

‘Only After Suffering The Consequences Of Closing Borders Will We Go Back To Opening Them’

Nayan Chanda’s book ‘Bound Together’ is a spirited telling of the story of globalisation. But Chanda, a former journalist now with the Yale Center for the Study of Globalisation in the United States, sees a dark phase ahead.

Lalu Has Only Taken Muslims For A Ride

In a conversation with Abhay Kumar of Deccan Herald, Jagannath Mishra dwelt at length on many unknown facets about Bhagalpur riots.

'Surgeons In India Far More Able Than Those In The West'

'Healthcare spend in US is $8,000 a person a year, in India, it's less than $20. There is tremendous waste in the US.

‘Empowering Women Is Top Priority’

Your first reaction on your candidature? It was completely unexpected. But it is a great honour. It means great respect for women.

The Boss After Work - Manoj Tirodkar

Manoj Tirodkar is the founder of the GTL Group, with interests in telecom infrastructure and network services, and a consolidated turnover of above $380 million last year.

Motorola Bets On Music Phones In Tough Market

Motorola, trying to gain market share in a competitive Indian market that includes strong players like Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and Samsung, feels that there would be a huge surge in music-optimized phones and video music phones in India.

A Bureaucrat And A Politician

Yashwant Sinha on his innings as Finance Minister and his new book.

'I Was Fat And Loving It Till Doctors Said I'd Die In Six Months. I Resigned Myself To It, But Dad Wouldn't Let Me Give Up'

Adnan Sami -- who popularity draws as much on his songs of love and longing like Tera chehera as on songs of irreverent fun, such as Lift kara dey and Kabhi nahin -- was first spotted by Asha Bhosle when, as a 10-year-old, he performed his . . .

‘Bi Tools Help To Take Right Decisions’

Manthan Systems, a Bangalore-based provider of specialised software for retail and consumer product goods, sees a greater adoption for business intelligence and analytics solutions among companies in India and overseas.

'Surgeons In India Far More Able Than Those In The West'

Dr Atul Gawande is a man of many parts. A second-generation NRI, the Boston-based surgeon and Harvard professor is a MacArthur Foundation 'Genius' grant recipient and also now a very highly rated writer, published in many of America's leading . . .


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