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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


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From May 31, 2007 to June 06, 2007

Ten Ways That China And India Will (And Won't) Change The World

That China and India will provide huge market opportunities, but remain relatively poor is one of several pairs of contradictions that form the substance of David Smith's The Dragon and the Elephant.

The Fear And Loathing

Nobody knows how many died during Partition violence; G.D. Khosla, a civil servant, estimates the death toll at half a million.

Anatomy Of A Raj

A historical return to the anatomical parts last encountered in Intermediate Biology, now attached to heroic figures from India's colonial past.

Pass The Rice Gruel

The protagonist of Visvanathan’s new novella is Mary Magdalene, 17 years old when we meet her.

Short Stories

One sees a full gamut of emotions of life situations, which are beyond mundane realities in the stories of Kasibhatla Venugopal.

Anthology Of Essays

With A number of titles, covering a variety of subjects from travelogues to treatises, under his name, M. P. Veerendrakumar is one of the most prolific writers in Malayalam today.

Essays On Wildlife

This work is a collection of 32 popular essays on wildlife, domestic animals and environmental topics which have appeared over the last few years in magazines and newspapers.

Champion Of Freedom

Krishna Menon's role during a crucial period of the freedom struggle.

Classic For All Times

The immortal classic, the Bhagavad Gita, forms a triad with the Upanishads and the Brahma Sutras, collectively called "Prasthana traya", but is more popular and universally known across the globe, than the other two.

Musings Of Veerasaiva Mystics

Ever since S. S. Basawanal and K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar published Musings of Basava in 1940, the Kannada Vachanakaras are being presented in the English language off and on with varying degrees of success.

Straddling Two Worlds

In this book, Calcutta: Repossessing the City, Leena Kejriwal has used this trait of photography to reclaim her city, to hold on to the "innate, quirky resilience" of Calcutta, while showing the "new layers" of Kolkata.

Managing Water Resources

Water is a leading policy issue in the 21st Century. Conflicts over water are a grim reality today.

True Stories Made Up

Manjushree Thapa’s achingly elegant memoir-cum-history Forget Kathmandu: An Elegy for Democracy was published during a particularly dark time for her country, Nepal.

The Night Before

This is the 13th book by the celebrated writer Ian McEwan and it has already been short listed for the Judges’ list for the 2007 Man Booker International Prize.

Power Play

...it is not just conservative forces, sordid power games and personality cults which sabotage political and legal institutions and bring down secular leaders within oil-rich or strategically important Islamic countries.

What Ails Our Steel Body

The problem with Indian bureaucracy is systemic. We have kept a number of features of the elitist, control-oriented civil service of the colonial era, writes Har Swarup Singh.

When Wood Is Lost For Trees

The editor of the beautifully illustrated book under review is also the general editor of all Marg publications and held in the highest esteem for his erudition and acknowledged authority on the arts and cultures of the subcontinent and the Himalayan . .

Optimism Amid Grim Realities

The purpose of this book, by Bimal Jalan, is not to praise India's democratic achievements or its economic progress, but to remind ourselves that neither democracy nor economic resurgence can be taken for granted, writes MV Kamath.

Simply Single

Bhaichand Patel would rather have called this collection of essays ‘love, lust and loose living.’

Inward Looking

The characters in this book are caught up in their own introspections and their stories get lost in a maze of words.

Straight Shooting With The Fm

I am one of P Chidambaram’s fans but not for all the usual reasons. I like him for his loftiness bordering on arrogance, for the total cool he displays when he addresses Parliament even when the Opposition is at its heckling worst, and for the confidence,

The Red Tsar And Poetry

As a teenager, Stalin had a surprising talent for romantic poetry. Simon Sebag Montefiore wonders how the youthful scribbler became such a ruthless tyrant.

Pitching For Reality

Author Paro Anand on taboos in children’s literature.

The Novel Drift

Gone are the days when IITs and IIMs figured only in ‘how to crack it’ books. Today fictions are being set in these prestigious institutes.

The Poetry Of Earth Is Never Dead

Arunima Choudhury’s Khela: New works on paper, canvas and enamel (Seagull Arts & Media Resource Centre, until June 12) brings together a remarkable range of styles, processes and creative modes.

Revival Trail

Living in nostalgia is one of the bad habits of Bengali artists, but Kathakriti’s revival of Mohit Chattopadhyay’s Chandraloke Agnikanda has a more substantial purpose — to prove the play’s contemporary relevance on its 40th anniversary.

Brimming With New Ideas

Padatik Dance Centre plays a significant role in nurturing young talents in kathak under the training of Chetna Jalan and some other senior exponents.

Time Past And Present

Gallery Kolkata’s first exhibition, Modern to Contemporary, which concluded on May 27, included works by some of the major names in Indian art.

The Backroom Boys

It isn’t just software engineers who have made it big, but the backroom boys of Indian publishing have done it as well, if not better.

Deep Structure Of Meaning

Organizing Empire: Individualism, collective agency and India By Purnima Bose, Zubaan, Rs 495,

Up Against A Stateless Army

September 11 caused a conceptual shift among the American security analysts. The US political and military elite, oozing confidence in the wake of victory in the first Gulf War, was shocked by the attack on the World Trade Center.

Between Poetry And Painting

Indian art treasures (Jnana-Pravaha and Mosaic, price not mentioned) is a beautifully produced and curated book, possibly of unmentionable expensiveness, that catalogues the Suresh Neotia collection, most of which is now kept in the Jnana-Pravaha . . .

Closer To The Soil

Some interesting Kannada reads… Desi Jeevana Paddhati by Prasanna Ontidani Prakashana, Rs. 100 Desi (local) lifestyle has two key features: it blossoms within the limits of its environment and evolves at a natural pace.


It is the 1930s and the fire of the freedom movement from distant Bengal and Delhi is warming the languid bones of the small town in Mysore, where Kaveri and Setu grow up.

No Longer Taxing!

An income tax guide might just be what is needed for all those harried individuals at the close of a financial year.

Costumes As Skin

Beetle wings dazzle between gold threads in a turban band. Genuine peacock feathers are used to embellish the plume of an embroidered peacock.

The Novel Drift

Gone are the days when IITs and IIMs figured only in ‘how to crack it’ books. Today fictions are being set in these prestigious institutes.

Our Costumes

Beetle wings dazzle between gold threads in a turban band. Genuine peacock feathers are used to embellish the plume of an embroidered peacock.

A Milestone For Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara’s production of Girish Karnad’s “Odakalu Bimba” is scheduled for its 25th show this month.

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