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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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From February 15, 2007  to February 21, 2007

Slow Reforms, In The Usual Messy Democratic Way

The Budget ahead may be planning for the 12 months, but The Next Decade looks at the unfolding future. 

Comparative Literature

The title `Oppilakkiyam' is a faithful translation of the term `comparative literature' which, as a distinct discipline has been nurtured in the western universities at least for the past hundred years.

The Reformer In A Labyrinth

I’ve always believed that the mark of a good columnist is not to provide answers but to stimulate the reader’s mind, setting it off in new and creative directions.

Gorgondola Any Day

No doubt the several translators have performed a heroic task, but the results are disappointing.

Quest For Identity

Kannada translation by S.M. Ramachandraswamy of Vishnu Prabhakar's award winning Hindi novel; Sahitya Akademi, Ravindra Bhavan, 35, Feroze Shah Road, New Delhi-110001. Rs. 250.

A Humanitarian Perspective Of Immoral Trafficking

Part law, part sociology, this voluminous tome is essentially a law enforcer's view of the oldest profession in the world and how society reacts to it.

An Experiment In Urban Planning

Documentation of the urban development and architectural accomplishments witnessed within Auroville.

Art And Craft Of An Ancient Textile Tradition

An attempt to explain the early origins of Kalamkari and its transformation through the ages.

Journey Towards Self-Discovery

Rising above the everyday and discovering the interrelatedness of life is a trifle difficult; so handy guides on the subject are always welcome for those who are on such quests.

Gown Reaching Out To Town

A commentary on the evolution of macroeconomic policies and processes under globalisation.

With Pen And Paintbrush

Returning... An Indian Odyssey is the fruit of writer and artist Ilaa Dev Pal's musings over a thirty-year passage through India.

Death Of An Art

Recently, author Deepti Priya Melhotra launched her book "Gulab Bai, the Queen of Nautanki Theatre" at the New Delhi's India Habitat Centre.

For Perennial Profits

Business never sounded as holistic before. A cursory read through the manuscript of "Leading with Wisdom" to be published by Sage Publications, and the acuity of profit and loss diminish.

Paradise Revisited

My Family and Other Animals needs no introduction. This commemorative edition has been published to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the book.

Masterly Sketches

This edition of stories is a reprint and follows Appachana’s novel ‘Listening Now’, which has been the subject of critical praise.

Crime And Punishment

Arundhati Roy with her 13 questions has spearheaded this collection of 15 essays written by lawyers, writers, activists and others at various times since 2004.

‘My Own Foreign Country’

Yang Lian is a Chinese poet of international repute who now lives in the UK. An advocate of individual freedom, he was instrumental in organising poets against the oppressive cultural policies of the Chinese government during the Cultural Revolution . . .

Pages From The Past

Alice Munro is one of the greatest living short story writers. The View From Castle Rock is her 12th collection in 55 years.

Odyssey In Urdu

The epic battle which raged on for nearly a decade has died out with the towers of Ilium burnt to the ground.

In Brief

This small book by two academics of the University of Peshawar narrates the story of the rise and development of two important movements in the tribal areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan.

Celebrating Mothers

Though no woman would consciously deny the divine status she receives on becoming a mother, popular debate in the West today questions the very essence related to the pros and cons of motherhood.

Will The Dream Come True?

The Indians want the world to believe that the day is not far when theirs would be the third largest economy in the world –– after the US and China.

Children’s Book Review Of The Week

The Fantastic Four and Avengers, the most popular of Marvel Comics superhero teams, come alive in Tom Defalco’s The Ultimate Guide series which, apart from the vibrant colour illustrations, carries information on each and every hero, villain and . . .

Second Impressions

In this follow-up to The Gun Tree, Zahrah Nasir retraces her footsteps in Afghanistan, a country she last visited 21 years ago.

Feathered Account Of Colourful Birds

Bird by Bird is authored by Mehran Zaidi, a young ornithologist who is an undergraduate in Delhi University.

Judging The Judgements

An impressive work on a new field of law in the glut of legal publishing in India today, far too many tomes are rushed into print with little scholarship and less insight.

Know Thyself

If not the greatest then certainly the most provocative story of all time, which continues to unfold, is that of human evolution.

Passing Passion Of Playing Games

The book, a fascinating account of Indian games, covers almost all the sedentary ones, played indoors, in terms of the board and card variety, writes Utpal K Banerjee.

Grappling With The Truth

Ceaseless propaganda backed by money and guns has, for many years, projected an image of America as a proud patron of freedom, democracy, justice and ‘values’.

Wild Creature

A biannual literary journal featuring English translations of poetry and prose written in Pakistani languages.

Stef Penney – Leave Me Alone

The morning-after interview with the winner of a big literary prize is a time-honoured ritual.

Babar In Hindustan

“From the year 910AH [1504-1505AD], when Kabul was taken, to 932AH [1525-1526 AD], I have wished for Hindustan.

Speaking Like A Statesman

Chris Patten is not your typical stiff-upper-lip, acerbic, old-school-boy-league English politician.

Serving His Language

In a short span of less than one year, the Punjabi language has lost some of its brightest stars: Amrita Pritam, Munir Niazi and now Sharif Kunjahi.

Standing Tall

With a rich history in fashion, Camilla Morton has worked for big names like John Galliano at Christian Dior and has found her passion in fashion journalism.

When Playing Field Is Levelled

The world, as no one needs to be told, is a globe. It is not flat. But how come Thomas Friedman believes otherwise? Friedman is totally convinced that he is right.

Voices From The Backyard

One of the main missions of Vaidehi, among the most compelling Kannada women writers of our times is the retrieval of the woman's voice from the past.

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