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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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From January 04, 2007  to January 10, 2007

A Lingua Franca Of South Asia

Papers presented at the International Seminar on the above topic, edited by Gopi Chand Narang, Sahitya Akademi, 35, Rabindra Bhavan, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi-110001. Rs. 300.

Carnatic Musician

Some books compel you to finish reading at one go.

Environmental Governance

Provides a global view of acidification and explains the science, politics and the economics of acid pollution.

A Way Of Life

A Gandhian Perspective: M.V. Nadkarni; Ane Books India, Avantika Niwas, First Floor, 19, Doraiswami Road, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 795.

Cultural Encounter

Most postcolonial academics working in English tend to operate in a North-South context, comparing, favourably or unfavourably, cultural practices in India with those operating in the U.K. or the U.S.

Vibrant Mural Legacy

A panoramic survey of Indian wall paintings as a cohesive tradition tracing the interconnections.

Role Of Economic Geography And State Policy In Industrialisation

The modern city is an industrial city, aver the authors of Made in India, a book that looks at what lies behind industrialisation. Stefano Pelle explores the BRIC business in Understanding Emerging Markets. And Environmental Requirements and Market . . .

Piecing Together The Ridley Riddle

Shekar Dattatri's book "Riddle of the Ridley" was launched recently.

Of Politics, People And Places

A first lady is a woman who by fate and chance stands with her famous husband, often overshadowed and rarely allowed to flower fully in her own right.

Rare Glimpse Of A Closed Nation

On the surface, A Corpse in the Koryo, by James Church, is a crackling good mystery novel, filled with unusual characters involved in a complex plot that keeps you guessing to the end. It has received rave reviews - as a mystery novel.

And The Other Half

In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s new novel, The World Was Silent When We Died, is the title of the book project of an English writer living in Nigeria-Biafra in the sixties.

All The World's A Stage

Adya Rangacharya - endearingly known as 'Shriranga' - was responsible for spearheading the amateur dramatic movement in Karnataka.

Condemned Birth

According to Islamic law, the slave could be freed by his master; the non-believer could become a believer by choice and thus end his inferiority. Only the woman is doomed to remain what she is. Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book is a stark reminder to this . . .

Stirring The Soul, Partially

Discover the Divine Within You, Rajinder Singh; Penguin, Rs 200.

Values In This Unethical Era

Swallow Irritation Before Irritation Swallows You; Kill Fear, JP Vaswani; Sterling, Rs 100 each.

Stories That Are Born Of The Soil

These stories, woven through conversation and human foibles, remind one of Dicken’s style.

Religion, Science; The Twain Do Meet

These stories stress the importance of religion and values to human existence, while at the same time do not undermine the value of science.

By The Light Of Eastern Stars

The book chronicles a Canadian woman’s one-year sabbatical in Bhutan, a land of harsh climes and raw beauty, where she finally finds peace, love and fulfillment.

A Crash Course In Modern Divinity

Discover the Divine Within You is a collection of speeches delivered at various religious and spiritual gatherings by the internationally acclaimed meditation Guru– Sant Rajinder Singh.

From The Blurb

"THIS collection of prose of Jayanta Mahapatra, which brings together his engaging lyrical essays written over the last thirty years, should open a door on and provide a deeper insight into his work...

Books That Worked Magic

While 2006 ended on a high note with yet another Indian author winning the Man Booker Prize, what was the rest of it like? What were the books, for whatever special reason, that struck a chord? We asked a few personalities to name their choices for the be . . .  .

Cultural Compromises

A true-to-life depiction of the generation gap in the Indian diaspora.

Universal Human Themes

A collection of straight narratives devoid of experiments.

A Pot Of Gold

Stories of humour and insight, compassion and courage.

Clear Messages

A significant anthology of Malayalam short stories by women writers.

Period Of Transition

The unconventional interpretation of Vedic texts is the most striking feature of this novel.

Old And New

Two books that represent extreme points on the spectrum of Hindi literature.

Public And Private Destinies

The novel succeeds because Badami's characters are sensitively created.

Undeniably Here

Like all true poets, Narayanan seeks the mystery behind the face or the façade.

Graceful Arc

Tishani Doshi evokes and then relies on moods to carry poems along.

Deceptively Deep

These are short and well-written introductions to various subjects.

A Tale Of Suffering And Courage

The book is not just about Mukhtar's personal experience. It is about the reality facing millions of women in the subcontinent.

Forging A Fresh Perspective

Some interesting reads in Kannada...

The Vanishing Manuscript

With machines ruling the roost, has the image of the creative writer fretting with the pen and paper become passé?

Kashmir: Bridge, Not A Battle Ground

Two great secularists created the Kashmir problem; others perpetuated it.

Imperial Dreams

Two books that provide a timely corrective to the tendency to justify American expansionism.

Giants Of The East

The two books reviewed deal with the emergence in the 21st century of Asian powers in the political and economic fields.

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