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Friday, May 26, 2006

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From May 20 , 2006 to May 26, 2006

Round Table, And The Road Home?

Two families of top Hizb-ul-Mujahideen operatives hope that the second round table on Kashmir will help their loved ones return home.

Is There A `Foreign Angle'?

The Morgan Stanley Emerging Market Index has been declining since May 10, when the US Fed raised the interest rate and signalled further rise. The current market crisis could be handled better if it is viewed against developments in global markets. . .

Caught Napping Yet Again

Sunday's terrorist attack on a Congress rally in Srinagar underscores the inadequacies in our security apparatus, says B Raman

The Wages Of Hate: Islamist Terror In India

Two Lashkar cells targeting Gujarat are discovered, preventing major terror strikes. Their stories underline the disastrous fallout of the anti-Muslim pogrom of 2002.

Afghanistan: The Looming Dangers

Because of American short-sightedness, the forces of the erstwhile Northern Alliance in Afghanistan have been disarmed. India has, therefore, to be prepared for a worsening security situation, where its nationals will be threatened when working in . . .

Quake-Hit Kashmiris Face Poor Crop, Bad Diet

Kashmiri villager Jamal Din Chaudry lost his dairy cow and his bullocks in last year's earthquake, and now can only count his blessings as he prepares to sow maize on the terraced mountainside.

The Fate Of India’S Bull Market

After the bloodbath on our bourses, several foreign investors have reiterated their ‘bullishness’ about India in the long run and welcomed what they call a long overdue correction.

The A Q Khan Effect

The fact that the United States continues to be soft on Pakistan even though its leaders are aware that Pakistan is the epicentre of Jehadi terrorism, is a great puzzle for the Indian government and strategic analysts in India.

Cong In Fire-Fighting Mode On Quota

Alarmed by the reservation mess triggered by senior party leader and Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh, the Congress leadership on Saturday night resolved to find a quick solution end the anti-reservation stir.

Watch Those Proceedings

Public opinion can no longer be ignored as we have seen from the outrage that has greeted Arjun Singh's reservations plan and the court's verdict in the Jessica Lal murder case

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