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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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From September 14 , 2006  to September 20, 2006

Alienation In The Post-Modern World

The central character in Eimona is an elderly gentleman called `Pantu-thatha'. His grandson gives him this nickname. His real name is Subbu and he religiously wears a south Indian `veshti'. The novelist clarifies that a `veshti' is not the north . . .

Period Of Coalition Politics

In this complete works of E. M. S. Namboodiripad series, volume 40 contains documents of the period from October 1968 to July 1969. At that time Namboodiripad was Kerala's Chief Minister, the CPI (M)-led seven-party . . .

Biography Of Shakespeare

What A relief to know that Tamil critics are turning increasingly to bring English writers to their milieu with crisp monographs like Natakamalla Vaazkkai!

Women-Centric Vision

Argues for putting women squarely at the centre of the development process.

Heroism In Tamil Classical Poetry

This book is a significant work in the history of Tamilology. It was G. U. Pope who introduced the Sangam literary works to the western world. The 10 idylls and eight anthologies are generally believed to have been written in the Sangam age . . .

Scourge Of Terrorism

Demolishes the theory that licence to religions has worked well for the U.K.

Intellectual Property Jurisprudence

Over the last three decades, V. J. Taraporevala has written excellent commentaries on the laws of central excise and customs.

What A Raja Has To Do

Good for a long train or air journey. The tale is interesting and amusing, and describes a period which, thank God, can never be again.

The Advantages Of A Long Nose

Who better than him to provide this thumbnail sketch of our contemporary history, gossip and all?

Anita’S Story

In the turbulent last years of the Raj, an Indian maharaja defied convention and married a Spanish flamenco dancer, who was then barely 17.

India’S Time Has Come

The Madras Management Association (MMA) celebrated its golden jubilee this year.

Fresh Print

Tamil writer Bama is now an internationally recognised name.

On Illusion And Love

An Indian Nobel laureate in literature? Yes, Prem Rustum, the main character, a reclusive Indian septuagenarian, in Abha Dawesar’s latest novel; (the other two: Miniplanner and the Stonewell Book Award winning Babyji).

When Routine Meets Gyaan

The book fails to rise above the mundane and remains just a daily diary of pop philosophy and pasted-on history.

The Humble Amla

The book is a treatise on the fruit and its medicinal qualities that have helped it move up the social ladder of fruits, from the secrecy of the forests out into the market.

The Art Of True Lies

People want to believe. Want to believe in stories that say, the world will fall at their feet/ they’ll get rich overnight/find the knight in shining . . .

Diplomacy Speaks

The career diplomat H E Surendra Kumar, Indian High Commissioner to Kenya, Ambassador to Eritrea and Permanent Representative of the United Nations Environment Programme and UN-Habitat, is an avid lover of Indian classical music and dance.

Glamour In The Grind: Devil Of A Boss!

Why would anyone work for such a monster of a boss as Miranda Priestley? Why would anyone work under such sub-human conditions rivalling a prison labour camp? That is the question that will arise again and again in anyone’s mind when reading the book.

India Moving Forward `On A Remarkably Stable Trajectory'

Edward Luce's book In Spite of the Gods takes one on a quick ride across an India characterised as much by a `schizophrenic economy' and shrewd businessmen as by vedantic detachment and Gandhiji's legacy. D. MURALI recommends this meandering read.

Nations Made Easy

Pankaj Mishra is now well settled in the genre that merges the personal and the political. And there is no doubt that he is on a most noble mission of explaining the workings of the subcontinent to the West.

A Woman Caught On The Wrong Side Of History

Suparna Gooptu takes on a pariah. Although acknowledged as India’s ‘first woman barrister’, Cornelia Sorabji has evoked a lot of discomfort in a milieu accustomed to viewing the inception of gender politics in India in association with the growth . . .

From The Kitchen With Love

In 1983, as the founder editor of the magazine Granta, which he revived, Bill Buford published, in a single issue, the writings of Martin Amis, Julian Barnes, Kazuo Ishiguro, Ian McEwan and Salman Rushdie. The issue was called “Best of Young . . .

Into The Void

Vikram Chandra’s masterly new novel — exactly 900 pages long — starts with a white pomeranian, Fluffy, flying out of the window in upper-middle-class Mumbai: “Fluffy screamed in her little lap-dog voice all the way down, like a little white . . .

To Laugh And Learn

Some interesting reads in Kannada...

12 Financial Must-Knows

There are five basic ways to add `obvious value' to what you offer to customers.

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