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Wednesday May 24,2006

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A French ship kicks up dust

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From May 18, 2006  to May 24,  2006

Mystique Of The Garhwal

In this book the author, M. K. Ramachandran, who claims to have visited all the major temples of India and most places along the Himalayas, provides a fascinating account of his travels in the Garhwal region.

Short Stories

This volume contains 27 short stories. In `Spruha', Kavana Sarma skillfully depicts how young boys and girls are conditioned mainly by mothers using very subtle methods to conform to gender, class and caste boundaries prevailing in society.

Pilgrim Centres

This book is a collection of 70 articles about various deities, mostly related to South Indian temples, with information regarding incidents associated with them. Some articles deal with pilgrimage centres like Ujjain, Manidweepam and Varanasi.

Exploiting The Vulnerable

A monumental report on an issue that involves serious human rights violations

Contemporary Indian Philosophy

Surveys Indian philosophy both within the discipline and outside it.

History And Heritage Of A Famous Landmark

The Kapaliswara temple is synonymous with Mylapore. The daily rituals and annual festivals attract thousands of devotees from far and near.

Environment Denial Syndrome

Builds a terracotta movement that focusses on changing incentives to manage the environment

Narrative Of Faith

In Book of Rachel, Esther David continues the story of India's Bene Israel Jews this time in a fictional setting about Rachel

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