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Wednesday, February 15,  2006

The Indian Analyst

A French ship kicks up dust

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From February 09, 2006  to February 15,  2006


East-West Cultural Encounter

A French Jesuit missionary's observations on Indian practices, customs and theology 

Going Beyond Peacekeeping

Captures the experiences and the spirit of the challenges involved in building sustainable peace 

Using Science To Save A Cat

A tour de force of science-driven conservation advocacy by a tiger biologist 

Insights Into Carnatic Music

Lecture demonstrations on a wide range of topics in Carnatic music by a reputed musician and musicologist

The Cooperative Movement

It is unfortunate that the cooperative movement in India, which is 100 years old, is passing through a difficult phase. 

Battle Against Oppression

This is a Kannada translation of the original in Marathi through its English version. 

Telugu Poets

Kandukuru Veeresalingam (1848-1919) compiled the `Lives of Telugu poets' between 1887-97. It was first published in 1917 as two volumes. 

Satirical Essays

This work, a collection of articles authored by the well-known Tamil writer Kumidini, first published half-a-century ago ironically has more relevance to happenings in the 21st century. 

Marred By Flawed Expression

This book of poems is riddled with errors in punctuation and grammar, however, the poet does show some promise. 

A Disappointing Muddle

Rather than being an essential guide to Hindi cinema, the book reads more like a personal favourites list. 

Twist In The Tales

Although tighter editing would have improved the book, its stories tug at the heartstrings and have compelling endings. 

A Brief History Of The Asura Pond

There was only one pond in Gobindapur, and everyone in the village used it. It was fairly large, covering ten to twelve batis, with banks ten to twelve arm-lengths high, and was known as Asura Pond. 

A Classic Novel And The Literary View From Below

Fakir Mohan Senapati's classic Oriya novel is a marvel of 19th century literary realism, complex and sophisticated. It seeks to analyse and explain social reality instead of merely holding up a mirror to it. 

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