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  • New Initiatives for Tigers at Sariska (January 22, 2007)
    After being severely criticized for the disappearances of tigers from the Sariska Reserve, the Rajasthan government has started relocating villages that fall inside the Sariska reserve to pave way for the re-entry of the big cats.<More>

  • Tiger Conservation Gaps (January 03, 2007)
    An international panel said that lack of proper amenities, delays in payment of compensation for human and cattle losses, illegal fishing, and illegal minor forest activity are seriously affecting tiger conservation efforts.<More>

  • Forest Guard Recruitment Accelerated (December 06, 2006)
    The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has asked all states to urgently fill existing vacancies of forest guard position especially in Tiger Sanctuaries even if they have to relax recruitment norms.<More>

  • MCS Tracks Turtle Migration to TN (October 27, 2006)
    The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has successfully tracked tagged endangered green turtles (Chelonian mydas) through satellites from Southern Sri Lanka to the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, a protected area off  Tamil Nadu (TN).<More>

  • Pollution, Poaching Affecting Conservation (October 12, 2006)
    Two different and unrelated reports show that there increasing pollution and poaching are affecting quality of rivers and wildlife depending on these rivers despite large spends to clean rivers.<More>

  • Tiger Skin Trade Flourishing in China (September 29, 2006)
    Two non-Governmental organizations asserted that despite international condemnation and demands, trade in tiger and derivative products continue unabated and overtly in China for costumes and medicines and suppliers are mostly Indian poachers.<More>

  • Forests Threatened by Elephant Training Camps (September 15, 2006)
    Environmentalists say that while elephant training camps brings eco-tourism, they also increase population around these camps, create a shortage of fodder, and compromised the well being of elephants who are now unemployed because of mechanization.<More>

  • Integrated Forest Management Planned (September 12, 2006)
    In the next 5 year plan, India plans an Integrated Protection Scheme to increase interfaces with communities, communication, and surveillance of forests and wildlife to facilitate their conservation and protection.<More>

  • Is Project Tiger a Failure? (August 29, 2006)
    An investigation into the effectiveness of the federally funded Project Tiger, launched in 1973 to protect tigers in the 15 Tiger sanctuaries to ensure a viable population, concluded that the program is a failure because of insufficient training and inadequate methods.<More>

  • Diluted Wildlife Bill Passed (August 23, 2006)
    After promising major reforms, the Federal Government greatly diluted the Wildlife Bill in a bid to appease the tribal lobby and passed the Wildlife Bill in great hurry that could greatly affect conservation efforts and endangered species.<More>

  • Activists Trying to Coerce a Tribal Bill (August 22, 2006)
    Tasting success with stopping the Government’s plan to rightfully amend the Right to Information Act, activists are now targeting the Scheduled Tribes (Recognition of Forest Rights) Bill 2005, also known as the Tribal Bill (TB), to bulldoze through Parliament.<More>

  • “Tigers Forever” Initiative (July 22, 2006)
    US-based Wildlife Conservation Society announced a “Tigers Forever” initiative as a venture capital investment funded by nature-loving businessmen that expects biologists to provide a guaranteed return of 50% increase in tiger population in key area.<More>

  • Are there Tigers in Manipur? (May 29, 2006)
    Days after the Government promised better forest management, media reports from Manipur talk about wanton poaching of fully grown tigers to sell their bones and skins in the international market but the Government claims that there are no Tigers in Manipur. <More >

  • The Begging Elephants of Assam (May 23, 2006)
    A Supreme Court (SC) order that stopped rampant deforestation in North Eastern India, especially Assam, has rendered the 1200 domesticated forest working elephants and their mahouts jobless reducing them to street beggars accepting whatever people offer.<More>

  • More Powers for Project Tiger (May 12, 2006)
    In a positive move, the Federal Cabinet approved a plan to grant administrative and statutory powers for Project Tiger so it can handle most cases by itself rather than depend on the over-burdened administrative system for action.<More>

  • Salman Khan Jailed—Long Live Justice (April 11, 2006)
    Justice in India is delayed, lumpy, and selective but it works—Salman Khan the actor accused of shooting endangered animals to please girlfriends and killing roadside dwellers in inebriated state has been sentenced to 5 years by a trial court in Rajasthan.<More>

  • Tigers Threatened by Uranium Exploration (March 17, 2006)
    Uranium starved India will start exploring for that material near the Nagarujasagar reservoir ignoring fears that the material may pollute the dam that is also a major source of drinking water.<More>

  • Salman Poaching Charges Filed (February 28, 2006)
    Another set of charges were filed against actor Salman Khan and 4 other actors in a Jodhpur court for poaching a black buck in 1998.<More>

  • Wildlife Trust in Wild Buffalo Protection MoU (February 02, 2006)
    Delhi-based NGO Wildlife Trust of India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chhattisgarh Forest Department to initiate a 3-year program to revive and conserve the wild buffalo population.<More>

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