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  • Multi-Nation Naval Exercise in Pak (March 06, 2007)
    The Pakistan Navy is hosting a 27-nation naval exercise that includes ships from Britain, France, China, Malaysia, and Bangladesh as part of the AMAN 07 exercise in the North Arabian Sea.<More>

  • BrahMos on Naval Aircraft (February 09, 2007)
    The Navy is in the process of fitting its long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft such as IL-38, IL-76 and TU-142 with supersonic BrahMos missiles enhancing their capability to include striking power at identified targets.<More>

  • New Copter-UAV for Navy (February 05, 2007)
    India is trying to create an unmanned aerial vehicle helicopter capable of slipping into "danger zones" below the radar.<More>

  • Massive Naval War-Game (February 05, 2007)
    The Navy has amassed a large number of ships, submarines, aircraft carrier, and helicopters in the Arabian Sea to conduct a "theatre readiness operational exercise" called "Tropex."<More>

  • New Amphibious Ship is 'Jalashva' (January 20, 2007)
    The Indian Navy took possession of US Trenton and rename it INS 'Jalashva' in the hope that it will greatly enhance rescue operation and troop transportation capabilities.<More>

  • Indian Land Ships (December 28, 2006)
    On January 4, the Navy will induct its third landing ship INS Shardul, capable of carrying 11 main battle tanks, 10 army vehicles and 500 troops for amphibious operations and traveling at 15.8 knots to land forces directly on beaches.<More>

  • Mauritius Offers 2 Islands (December 08, 2006)
    During negotiations for a bilateral trade pact, Mauritius offered two islands over 1000 kilometers from its borders measuring 70 square kilometers to India to develop for tourism, trade, or strategic purposes.<More>

  • China’s Threatening Maritime Plans (December 08, 2006)
    Naval Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta warned that China’s maritime plans, co-opting neighboring nations including Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Eastern African nations, could be used against India in the future.<More>

  • Update on Missile Programs (November 30, 2006)
    Defense Minister A.K. Antony updated the Parliament that the supersonic cruise missile BrahMos has been inducted into the Defense forces and the Trishul anti-Missile project completed while the Akash and Nag missile programs are behind schedule.<More>

  • Navy’s New Capabilities (November 21, 2006)
    The Indian Navy has invested in several new equipment and capabilities including stealth, new aircraft carriers, ship lift system, and refueling capabilities and says that most of these projects are on target.<More>

  • Priorities for the Navy (November 02, 2006)
    The new Naval Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta emphasizing reach, technology, and endurance as the important factors that would govern the next generation navy that can protect the growing economy, provide disaster relief, and ensure regional security.<More>

  • Indo-US Anti-Terrorism Exercises (October 30, 2006)
    As part of the ongoing “Malabar” series of exercises, Indian and US Navies will practice expeditionary maneuvers off the Konkan coast in addition to a simulated joint semi-urban anti-terrorism exercise by in Belgaum, Karnataka.<More>

  • Navy plans joint exercises with U.S., Russia (October 25, 2006)
    In continuation of its policy to practice naval skills and operate in the backyards of friendly nations, the Indian Navy revealed plans to hold exercises with the United States and Russia in quick succession next year in the Pacific Ocean.<More>

  • Barak Controversy & DRDO Projects (October 19, 2006)
    Amid rumors of kickbacks over the procurement of Naval Barak anti-missile defense system from Israel , there is increasing evidence that most projects undertaken by the Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) are behind schedule.<More>

  • Strategic Naval Conference (October 18, 2006)
    Recently, the Naval Senior Officers’ Conference concluded and looked at three dominant themes engrossing Navy strategists—safety and consciousness, building stronger intellectual and theoretical foundation, and accelerating the process-of change.<More>

  • Indian Navy Declines Harriers (October 13, 2006)
    After decline PC-3 Orion from the US , the Indian Navy has declined 8 British Sea Harrier FA2 fighter jets phased out of the Royal Navy because vital components such as missile carrying capability, fire control radar, and other avionics were missing.<More>

  • Indo-French Missile Pact Stalled (September, 07 2006)
    The much hyped Indo-French pact to allow India to produce French cruise missiles under transfer of technology from European Missile Consortium MBDA to Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) appeared to have stalled.<More>

  • Early 2007 India, Russia Naval War Games (June 22, 2006)
    The Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Arun Prakash said that India and Russia will hold naval war games next year called "INDRA-2007" and will be held off Russia's Pacific coast early 2007.<More

  • Navy to Buy 3 more Stealth Frigates (June 09, 2006)
    The Navy has completed price negotiation for an important defense import deal to purchase three `Talwar' class stealth frigates from Russia for Rs. 3,000 crore (USD 650 million).<More>

  • Navy Seeks Advanced Choppers (May 31, 2006)
    The Navy is seeking the immediate purchase of 16 medium lift helicopters at the cost of USD 1 billion and an additional 8 in the next few months to fill the shortage of 46 helicopters.<More>

  • Growing Importance of Navy (May 10, 2006)
    Reviewing the Naval exercises of the Western Fleet, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, "All great powers have also been great trading nations, and we cannot be a great trading nation without a strong maritime capability."<More>

  • Indo-British Naval Exercises (May 18, 2006)
    India and the United Kingdom (UK) fielded their navies in a second exercise that involving an aircraft carrier, nuclear submarines, guided missile frigates, missile destroyers, supply tankers, and 1 embedded French ship off the Konkan coast. <More>

  • Eastern Naval Command Assuming Prominence (April 27, 2006)
    In line with the Indian Maritime Doctrine released last year, the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) based in Visakhapatanam has assumed great significance to protect the 2,600-kilometer coastline and 200,000 square kilometer exclusive economic zone.<More>

  • Boeing Invites India as Dev Partner (April 14, 2006)
    For the first time, Boeing responded directly to an Indian Naval Request for Proposal (RFP) to deliver 8 P-8A long-range maritime anti-submarine aircraft and invited India to be a “development partner” for the aircraft. Other than Boeing, another US Defense major Lockheed Martin had already responded to the Indian RFP.<More>

  • CBI Arrests Navy War Room Leak Suspects (April 7, 2006)
    After more than month of receiving a report from the Defense Ministry, the Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested 5 people including 3 former naval personnel and 1 kin of Navy Chief. The CBI raised 17 places simultaneously across the country to arrest the accused.<More>

  • Indo-French Naval Exercise (April 03, 2006)
    Seventh in a series of joint exercises, Indian and French navies are fielding an awesome array of naval weaponry to achieve better compatibility, improve communication, and testing dissimilar equipment. <More>

  • Defense Minister Defends Scorpene Deal (March 22, 2006)
    Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee issued a statement in the Parliament defending the Scorpene deal.<More>

  • NDA Alleges Corruption in Scorpene Deal (March 21, 2006)
    The Opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) accused the Government of hiding a major defense scandal involving the USD 3.5 billion deals to buy Scorpene submarines.<More>

  • Naval Airbase in Andaman and Nicobar (March 17, 2006)
    Vice-Admiral Arun Kumar Singh revealed military plans to expand its operations in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (A&N) to include three new airbases, increase in coast guard troop levels, and strengthening infrastructure of existing facilities.<More>

  • Navy Starts using BrahMos (February 21, 2006)
    Ten countries including South Africa and many from the Far East have showed keen interest to buy the Indo-Russian BrahMos supersonic missile. <More>

  • Naval Exercise with "Gipper" (February 18, 2006)
    The US Defense establishment, the Pentagon has requested a short passage exercise between its new super aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and the Indian aircraft carrier INS Viraat.<More>

  • Kalam Reviews Navy (February 14, 2006)
    After his first review of the Indian Navy, President Abdul Kalam said that the Navy needs to be prepared for more responsibilities other than maritime protection and surveillance. <More>

  • Naval LCA in 2007 (February 04, 2006)
    A naval version of Tejas, the Light Combat Aircraft, was tested for possible induction in the navy by April 2007. <More>

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