News Analysis - Indo-Kuwait Relations

  • India, Kuwait to Enhance Aviation Ties (June 30, 2006)
    Following the recent visit by the Kuwaiti Amir to India, India and Kuwait will review their aviation bilateral arrangements to increase the number of seats available on airlines of either country in forthcoming bilateral talks scheduled on July 18-19.<More>

  • India, Kuwait to Sign 3 Agreements (June 14, 2006)
    India and Kuwait are set to sign 3 agreements that would include avoiding double taxation, cooperation to control illegal drugs and narcotics, and improve cultural ties during the 1st visit in 20 years of Kuwait Amir Shaikh Sabah this week.<More>

  • India, Kuwait Keen to Expand Ties (June 19, 2006)
    While signing 3 agreements, India and Kuwait expressed keen interest to expand ties in oil, energy, construction, steel, fertilizers, food processing, tourism, training, education, and healthcare.<More>

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