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   UN Resolution Chides North Korea



  • UN Resolution condemned North Korea for missile tests

  • Japan and Korea jubilant

  • UN bans weapons and missile material and technology trading with North Korea

A Japan-sponsored United Nations resolution condemned North Korea for its recent missile tests compromising regional security and heightened international concerns on the intentions of the economically bankrupt nation running on defunct communist ideology. Japan and South Korea praised the resolution passed by a unanimous vote after 10 days of debate banning all member states from dealings with the country on material or technology for missiles or weapons of mass destruction.

China threatened to veto the resolution if it contained references to provisions that would allow military strikes. Bowing to this demand, the world community removed such references to eliminate a possible veto. Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso reiterated that it wants to send a “resolute message” and effect a strong action but also urged Pyongyang to implement the demands of the resolution.

While they claimed success, there is nothing in the resolution that would be effective or debilitating to North Korea.

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