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   Israel & Hezbollah Attack Each Other



  • Israel and Hezbollah attacked each others’ soft targets killing, injuring, and displacing civilians

  • Israel says Iranian soldiers are fighting alongside militants

  • Syria and Iran support Hezbollah while Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian Authority, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain oppose their tactics and blame them for escalation

As the world watched in horror, Israeli planes and Hezbollah militants attacked vulnerable sites in either territory killing scores of innocent civilians, injuring hundreds more, and displacing thousands in Lebanon. Israel instituted a naval blockade, destroyed bridges to limit movement, bombed ancient port town Tyre and Tripoli, and attacked the Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut with a devastating precision bomb. Hezbollah used an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to attack an Israeli warship and Israel responded. Hezbollah retaliated with a hail of rockets on high-tech capital Haifa and resort town Tiberius. Simultaneously, Israel continued its push into Gaza actively searching the captured gunner.

Israel alleges that an Iranian built C-802 anti-ship missile targeted its warship deployed 16 kilometers off Beirut with 80 sailors on board. At least one sailor died in the attack and the ship was badly damaged. Israel is also claiming 100 Iranian soldiers were fighting alongside Hezbollah in Lebanon which is denied. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, whose house was co-located with the headquarters escaped and says that his organization is in “open war” with Israel.

Syria issued a statement calling for an emergency meeting of the 18 Arab Foreign Ministers in Cairo and said that they will support Hezbollah. They also warned Israel of adventurous raids into their land and that they will retaliate with all means that they have. Using highly derogatory references to and description of Israel, Iran also supported the Hezbollah and Syria and warned that it will rush into war if Syria is attacked.

Contrary to popular expectation, the Hezbollah was severely criticized Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian Authority, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain blaming them for the escalation of violence and breaking the peace that lasted over 12 years. India is being guarded in its statements careful not to take any sides although communists and left-leaning allies of the Government who think that Muslims in India are their vote-bank and support the Hezbollah have called for an Indian condemnation.

India must call for a cease-fire and restoration of order in West Asia. While the Hezbollah’s and Hamas’s escalation is uncalled for, Israel’s response is exaggerated. Moreover, Israel needs to confirm if women and children are being held in its jails. If the Palestinian charges are true, Israel should at least provide for a detention camp for them with schooling and vocational occupation till they are able to bring charges against them. No country has the right to hold on to prisoners, especially women and children indefinitely, just as no group has a right to inflict terrorism on civilian population.

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