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   Commies Want Halt in Mineral Exports



  • Commies want halt in all mineral export

  • Cite China‚Äôs continued import of raw material and exporting only finished goods

  • Says all Indian and foreign companies must be stopped from exporting minerals and we agree with this demand

Communist allies of the Federal Government demanded an immediate stop to indiscriminate export of minerals, particularly iron ore as mineral deposits were exhaustible and wanted a halt in moves to liberalize export of minerals.

Communist parties want all companies, whether Indian or foreign should be allowed to export iron ore. Strangely, they cited China's policy of importing iron ore from other countries instead of using its own. Usually, the Indian communist parties take their direction from either China or Russia.

Targeting the Korean company Posco, the communists said they did not oppose the steel plant but was against the company's plans iron.

Despite the reasons cited by the communists, we agree that export of minerals, especially iron ore, from India must be stopped. Despite plans to reduce iron ore exports to Japan and Korea, the Federal Government continues on its plan to export iron ore to China. Exporting raw materials and importing finished goods from China is fool-hardiness and is not sustainable. Instead of helping the corporate world to set up more steel plants and generating higher value goods and employment, the Government is starving  them while continuing exports of iron ore.

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