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   US-Russia Civilian N-Deal



  • Bush wants special civilian nuclear deal for Russia

  • Russia to import spent nuclear fuel for storage and earn billions of dollars

  • Business barred by Congress and members may oppose the Administration move

US President George Bush is reportedly wanting to reverse decades of nuclear policy isolating Russia to permit extensive civilian nuclear cooperation with that country which could result in large monetary gains for Moscow but may face opposition in the Congress. Both countries have promised to unveil details before the start of the G-8 Summit in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Apparently, the deal is a reward for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s constructive engagement to pressure Iran on its nuclear weapons program. But US officials assert that both sides would gain from the deal which includes the import of spent nuclear fuel into Russia for storage. This lucrative business was blocked by official policy.

Administration officials say that since the proposed deal will be conforming to the Atomic Energy Act as Russia and since Russia is already a nuclear state, it will not require formal Congressional approval.

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