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   Top Security Meet to Review J&K



  • Senior members of security established reviewed security in Kashmir

  • Increased infiltration, terror infrastructure in PoK a major concern

  • Radio and telephone intercepts point that increased funding by ISI and plans to have grander terror attacks as was in 1989

Senior members of the security apparatus met recently to review the increase in infiltration from Pakistan, the continued existence of terror infrastructure in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, and use the bait of human rights violations to distract attention. Chaired by Chief of Army Staff General JJ Singh the follow up meeting to the Special Security Review held in Jammu and Kashmir was attended by Federal Home Secretary VK Duggal and his staff and leaders of intelligence agencies.

Intelligence agencies say they have evidence suggesting that the level of violence in Jammu and Kashmir can intensify because Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan has renewed support to several terrorist outfits. They say that the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), Al-Umar-Mujahideen, and Hizb ul-Mujahideen (HM) have been given arms and funds to carry out series of blasts in the Valley. They also warn the Government that a group of 60 to 70 suicide-attackers called fiyadeens have already infiltrated into India.

Radio and telephone intercepts indicate that terrorist outfits are planning attacks to the 1989 level when the whole state was held at ransom and run by terrorists. Terrorist outfits and the ISI are worried that ongoing peace initiatives may make them irrelevant. There is also expectation that the Hurriyat Conference may gain with a sudden spurt in terrorist attacks as they can claim that peace can never be permanent without their involvement. The problem is that they were invited to the various round tables but they declined citing the most absurd reasons. The fact that the meetings have proceeded and making progress is making the Hurriyat increasingly irrelevant.

The meeting also focused on the increasing use of minors by terrorists to lob grenades at soft and vulnerable targets. When security forces stop them or shoot them, there is a hue and cry about human rights violations. Duggal said that infiltration is slightly higher this year as compared to last year, Duggal said after he emerged from the one and half hours long meeting. However, he attributed the increase in infiltration to less snowfall and damage caused to the fencing along the LoC by the devastating earthquake of October 8, 2005. This is certainly at variance with intelligence inputs that infiltration is higher because of increased support of terrorist outfits by ISI and fear of the success of the peace process.

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