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   Putin Criticizes US



  • Russian President Vladimir Putin heavily criticized US international policies

  • Says Russia-US ties will be reviewed

  • 5 Russian diplomats were abducted and killed in Iraq

Ahead of the Russia-US summit next month, Russian President Vladimir Putin trashed American and EU accusations of Russia’s “neo-imperial ambitions” and “energy blackmail” and warned of American diktat in international relations.

Demanding a review of bilateral relations, Putin said that Russia “will not join any ultimatums” on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, which he said will “push the situation into a dead end and strike a blow against the authority of the U.N. Security Council.” He called for “dialogue and not isolation” that could lead to the “resolution of crises.” Putin accused the US of “hyper-exaggerated reliance on force in international relations” as reasons why nations desire “to acquire weapons of mass destruction.”

Russia-US relations have plummeted rapidly in recent weeks with the kidnap and killing of 5 Russian diplomats in Iraq.

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