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   Govt Rejects Israeli Arms Request



  • India rejects personal pistols of Israeli diplomatic personnel

  • Says security is Indian responsibility. Wants Israel to send back 4 dozen pistols imported earlier

  • It is not clear whether the decision is based on politics or security

The Federal Government said that security of diplomats in India is its responsibility and has rejected a request from the Israeli embassy to import 20 pistols for its security staff and asked it to return another 4 dozen imported earlier. If diplomatic responsibility is its concern, it is not clear why the Government allowed the import of the 4 dozen pistols earlier.

Indian Government sources say that Israel was the only country whose diplomats were allowed to have their own security personnel. They are concerned that if they do not draw the line somewhere, other countries could ask for similar. Reports did not say what level of security they will offer Israeli diplomats. It is not clear if the decision was political in nature or based on security threat perceptions.

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