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   US Helped Pakistan Secure N-Plants


Pakistan’s Strategic Plans Division of National Command Authority that oversees nuclear and missile programs said that it accepted "non-intrusive" U.S. technical support after 9/11 for securing its nuclear facilities proposed by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

At the very first briefing to Pakistani journalists, Pakistan said it accepted the offer on the condition that it would "pick and choose" from the list of offered support. This ongoing co-operation apparently had "clear red lines" that limited American visits to nuclear facilities and contained assistance to equipment for security personnel at the nuclear sites such as metal detectors and helmets. In April, the Pakistani Foreign Office denied reports that Americans were guarding Pakistani nuclear facilities and this meeting “factual presentation” is seen as the establishment’s attempt to kill the over-worked rumor mill.

Pakistan insists that it has a "fully institutionalized” system and “nuclear assets are in safe hands." It also reiterated that "it was not in an arms race with any country" and that its defense policy was aimed at safeguarding the country's sovereignty.

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