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   Harpoons Missiles for Pakistan



  • US selling Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Pakistan

  • Pakistan described a “key ally” in “war on “terror”

  • US says that deal will not alter military balance in South Asia

The George Bush Administration has notified the US Congress that it will sell Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles and related equipment and services valued at USD 370 million to Pakistan, seen as a “key ally” in the “war on terror” and a “friendly nation.”

The Defense Security Co-Operative Agency said that this sale will have “no adverse impact on US defense readiness” but “provide a significant upgrade” to “existing systems” and improved “target acquisition.” It also claimed that it will not affect the basic military balance in the region.

Pakistan had requested 50 UGM-84I, 50 RGM-84I, and 30 AGM-84I Harpoon Block II missiles and associated command launch systems.

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