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   Poll Says US Troops Greater Peace Threat



  • Poll of 15 nations says that US forces in Iraq is greater threat to world peace

  • US popularity is waning rapidly

  • US’s closest allies and emerging allies think of the US as a “problem”

A poll of people in Britain, France, Germany, Spain, and Russia rated the presence of US troops in Iraq is a greater threat to world peace than the Government of Iran and such opinion was even lower in Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Pakistan. The Pew Research Centre spokesperson said "We are seen by many of our allies as a problem."

In Britain, the United States' closest ally in Iraq, while 41% of those surveyed said the US military presence in Iraq was a danger to world peace only 34 per cent described the Iran Government as a danger. Iran's nuclear program has been described as a serious threat by international leaders, who have been pressuring Iran to drop it. Leaders of the US, Russia, China, France and Britain and Germany have offered Iran a number of incentives to suspend uranium enrichment.

The poll found that the brief American image rebound in some countries last year after it gave donations to tsunami victims have disappeared. The poll of populations of 15 nations found that overall support for the US-led war on terrorism had declined even among its closest allies. Worse, favorable opinions of the US continue to fall with sharp declines in Spain, Turkey and India.