India Intelligence Report

   China Firm on Fighting Terror



  • China reiterated support to fight “three evil forces”

  • Major evils are projected as terrorism, separatism and extremism

  • Uzbek to continue playing major role in Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (RATS)

China vowed to strengthen coordination efforts and support for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (RATS) “To fight the ‘three evil forces’ including the ‘East Turkistan’ force and safeguard security and stability in the region.” In his meeting with Uzbek counterpart Islam Karimov, Chinese President Hu Jintao said “it is in the common interests of China and Uzbekistan, as well as all the other countries there.”

RATS was started in June 2004 and headquartered in Uzbekistan's capital Tashkent and is tasked with a mission to step up coordination among SCO member states and international organizations to combat the “three evil forces” of terrorism, separatism and extremism. Hu complimented Uzbekistan for its important contribution to the successful start of RATS and to the important role it played.

Hu lionized China-Uzbek relationship, saying it features political support, deepening cooperation and close coordination, and it contributes to regional and global peace and stability. The China-Uzbekistan treaty signed last year for friendly and cooperative partnership is being highlighted as the driving force behind pushing bilateral relations to a new level.

Hu said that “China appreciates the firm support from Uzbekistan on such issues as Taiwan and on the strike against the ‘East Turkistan’ terrorist force. We will also support Uzbekistan along a development road which is in line with its domestic situation.” While bilateral economic and trade ties grew at a fast pace, Hu said there is still great potential that could be tapped. He said that “China will promote friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation with Uzbekistan in economy, trade and energy and continuously push bilateral ties forward.”

Karimov said Uzbekistan is satisfied with its rising cooperation with China in all fields and that it attaches importance to its relations with China which will enhance cooperation in such fields as politics, economy, trade, education, medicine and the fight against the ‘three evil forces.’