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   Russia Plans to Mine Rare Metals on Moon


Russia announced plans to start experiments to try mining rare earth metals and minerals from the moon that could be used in the electronics and medical equipment. The Deputy Chief of Federal Space Agency said the moon had good conditions for setting up telescopes, navigation stations, but more research was necessary.

Russia & the US are in a new race to built permanent bases on the moon to begin an industrial-scale delivery of the rare isotope Helium-3 by 2020. Helium-3 is a highly effective fuel for thermonuclear reactors but is a very scarce on earth but abundant on the moon. Based on this estimate, 100 tons of Helium-3 is enough to meet the earth’s entire energy needs for a whole year. It is estimated that the moon has up to 500 million tons of Helium-3 trapped in the upper layers.

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