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   Diabetes and Fizz Soda

  • Heath Ministers asks actors and cricketers not to promote aerated sodas

  • Increase in childhood obesity and diabetes

  • India has 2nd highest diabetes presence of 30 million or 6% of population

After introducing a plan to curb smoking in movies, Federal Health Minister Anbumani Ramdoss is now asking movie actors and cricketers to stop being brand ambassadors to aerated drinks to curb obesity and diabetes among children.

Schools in the US schools have stopped serving aerated drinks to children precisely for this reason and it is high time India bans these harmful drinks in schools and educates the public on its contents and harmful effects. Movie actors and cricketers are major influences in India and their promoting of harmful products will cloud vast majority of the unaware and illiterate population.

Diabetes is also a serious problem in India with an estimated 30 million cases of adults over 20 years or 6% of the population. There is no data available on presence of diabetes and obesity among children. While India can rely on US figures to institute policy change, it will be useful to know actual Indian figures.

Ramdoss is not planning to bring in policy change but only a request of cooperation. Actors and cricketers make more money from endorsements than their profession. Till recently, they never paid taxes on such earnings.

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