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   Navy to Buy 3 more Stealth Frigatesr

  • Navy augments ‘Talwar’ class stealth frigates

  • New frigates armed with BrahMos missile

  • 140 ship, submarine force level not enough for security

The Navy has completed price negotiation for an important defense import deal to purchase three `Talwar' class stealth frigates from Russia for Rs. 3,000 crore (USD 650 million). It had previously inducted 3 such frigates in 2003-2004 and the three additional frigates armed with stealth technology and capable of evading detection by enemy radars will greatly augment its patrolling and offensive capability. The navy has already announced that the {new ‘Talwar’ class frigates will be armed with the Indo-Russian supersonic BrahMos missile [Insert Huge BrahMos interests, IAF Version by 2007]}. Additionally, many of the components, including communication, electronic warfare suites, and air defense systems will replace Russian units. The earlier version in force has the Russian Kashtan air defense system.

Navy officials clarified that this is an extension of the previous order and therefore did not require a new tender process. The import decision was driven by the capacity limitation of shipyards compromising the Navy’s capability to maintain its force level of 140 ships and submarines. The Navy retires six ships annually and the nation is not able produce as many ships to plug this gap.

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