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   Salem Seeks Portugal Help


Extradited mobster Abu Salem has alleged that India has violated the terms of his extradition and plans to seek a Lisbon court intervention to recall him to Portugal. Salem and his companion Monica Bedi were extradited from Portugal last year after a long legal battle to stand trial in connection with eight criminal cases. India had agreed that no further investigations would be carried out in these cases as they were fait accompli.

However, Salem’s interrogations with the police have led to not just his confession on these 8 crimes but also pointers to other crimes that he had committed. However, Salem’s defense team started claiming that the “confessions” have been extracted and wanted them dismissed.

Indian investigators say that the charge-sheets filed against Salem in the murder cases of builder Pradeep Jain and Manisha Koirala’s secretary Ajit Dewani apart from the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. They therefore conclude that that Salem was subject to further investigations.

Even if there is a ruling against India in Portugal, it is highly unlikely that the Indian Government will give up a prize catch like Salem. While these may lead to tensions with Portugal, India must keep its eye on the bigger picture which is the fight against terror. Repatriating Salem will send the wrong message.

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