India Intelligence Report

   Largest Coke Haul


Narcotics Control Bureau official say that they have seized 200 kilograms of cocaine from a ship from Honk Kong with an estimate street value of USD 50 million. They say this is the largest recorded haul of cocaine.

The drug was brought in a container along with wooden logs that would have to be taken to a different site for customs clearance. Drug smuggling groups have the technology to open custom seals, remove banned substance from the consignment, and reseal the container so officials will not know. Obviously, these steps cannot happen without official connivance. Details on the intended recipient are not known.

This haul comes up at a time when the son of a recently dead popular politician was admitted to a hospital after over-dosing on banned substance. African residents in Mumbai and Delhi are known to actively deal in drugs and so-called celebrities are known to officially consume such substance. Still there is very little policy-level action.

Sri Lankan Tamil refugees are known to actively engage in drug trade in India. A joint study by Link De-Addiction and Counseling Center and Indo-Global Social Service Society  found that peer pressure, surrogate advertisements of cigarette and alcohol companies, and movies are influencing high-school and pre-university youth in the 15-18 age group to abuse tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. In an alarming new trend, 6.31% of boys and 1.18% of girls admit to using drugs. Among the boys, 15.09% say that they like brown sugar, heroin, etc, 37.73% smoke cannabis like ganja, and 47.18% abuse medical drugs like cough syrups, pain killers, and sleeping tablets. Of the sample, 23.28% do drugs daily, 16.43% weekly, and 60.29% occasionally.

India needs very strong legislation with no escape route administration that has zero-tolerance on drug smuggling, dealing, and usage. In the US, all properties of drug dealers and smugglers are automatically attached and there is no legal recourse to getting any exemption. South East Asian nations have a death penalty on drug possession. At the very least, India should seize the carrier, sell it, and use that money to fight drug peddling. Further, the owner of that carrier must be made liable for bringing drugs into the country.