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   Huge BrahMos interests, IAF Version by 2007


With the planned induction of the supersonic BrahMos missile in the Navy and Army, the Indo-Russian joint venture plans to bring an air force version to be ready for tests by end of 2007.

The Navy has started fitting its ships with the missile with INS Rajput being the first one. In addition, the Navy said that all future ships will automatically be fitted with BrahMos and the three Talwar class ships in Russia will be fitted with this missile.

The Army has placed an unspecified order with BrahMos Aerospace. The missile can be launched from multiple platforms such as ships, mobile land based launchers, and air. BrahMos Aerospace has already demonstrated ship to ship and ship to land capabilities. The missile flies achieves over Mach 2 speed.

BrahMos Aerospace said that it expects to cross USD 2.2 billion by 2007. The company got a seed money of USD 11 million since 1998 and used private companies to deliver components and participate in the process. It said that dozens of nations have showed interest in the missile but a policy decision is required authorizing the sale of this missile to other nations.

The growing private participation in defense projects and the successes has attracted the attention of US defense major Lockheed-Martin (LM). The company plans to start operations in India to collaborate with public sector and private companies to make it more competitive in the global market and projected a business opportunity of over USD 10 billion in the next 5-10 years. LM is pitching for several Requests for Proposals (RFPs) in India.



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